Odigia, a leading learner engagement platform, has partnered with MERLOT to leverage their vast content repository, empowering institutions to create and deliver more relevant and engaging course experiences that improve teaching and learning outcomes.

“With Odigia’s innovative learner engagement platform, MERLOT’s library of open educational resources will enable learners to acquire the skills & knowledge in accelerated, empowering, and more affordable ways. Access to educational content is important but having it delivered with Odigia will enable digital resources to become cognitive resources.” Gerry Hanley, Ph.D. Executive Director of MERLOT.

Odigia’s intuitive tools and flexible environment drives more personalized learner engagement while providing real-time insight on performance. Odigia leverages self-directed, inquiry-based learning to accommodate multiple learning styles, game theory to drive progression, and high-level connections to promote the development of 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication to better prepare learners for success in today’s workforce.

“Odigia is excited to partner with MERLOT to empower institutions and educators to improve learner outcomes, access, and affordability. The combination of MERLOT’s content with Odigia’s learner engagement platform provides the right tools, data, and flexibility to deliver more engaging and impactful learning experiences.” Joshua Moe, CEO of Odigia.

MERLOT is a project of the California State University system, which started over 20 years ago. It is an international community of close to 160,000 members providing access to more than 84,000 online learning materials in its repository, in nearly every discipline and material type.

About Odigia
Different by design. SIMPLE. POWERFUL. ENGAGING. Anchored in a simple philosophy that different learners have different needs, Odigia removes the barriers created by the one-size fits-all-model of education. Odigia empowers institutions, publishers, and employers to create engaging learning experiences that improve learner engagement, outcomes, and retention.

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