In June, OHEL’s ECMH professional team of staff, were one of the seven teams honored as guests at a celebratory luncheon at the NYU School of Law to acknowledge the ECMH network, and partners involved in the ECMH 2 year milestone of the program.

Brooklyn, NY, September 29, 2018 — OHEL’s ECMH program provides services to parents or caregivers with a young child facing Behavioral, Social or Anxiety Challenges. In addition OHEL’s ECMH program serves the needs of those parents or caregivers with a young child, who may feel overwhelmed and/or or depressed.

The importance of the program, was highlighted by the attendance of Alexis Confer, Executive Director of Thrive, Gary Belkin, Executive Deputy Commissioner of Department of Mental Health and Donna Bradbury from OMH.

Among the many speakers were OHEL representatives, including Deborah Fung, our mental health consultation and Ms. Mee Ling, an early learn site director at BCA childcare, providing a unique window into OHEL's mental health consultation work in the Chinese community.

All the members of OHEL’s ECMH team have taken the accreditation exam for Triple P- Positive Parenting Program. This is an internationally recognized, evidence based 5 level parenting treatment model.

Special congratulations to Deborah Fung, Chani Schultz, Naomi Steinberg, Aliza Tropper, Irina Derkacheva, Raizel Keilson and Tzivy Reiter for being accredited in Level 4, and Gladys Feliciano, Naava Rosa and David Leibtag for being accredited in Level 3.

OHEL has been accepted as part of the NYS Association of Infant Mental Health (NYS-AIMH).

NYS-AIMH’s endorsement recognizes the competency of the agency and the ability of its professionals who work with or on behalf of infants and young children up to age five and their families. This endorsement uses a nationally recognized set of standards and competencies that define best practice and guide professional development across disciplines.

Six of OHEL’s ECMH staff are in the process of being endorsed by NYS Association of Infant Mental Health: Raizel Keilson, Deborah Fung, Irina Derkacheva, Naomi Steinberg, Chani Schultz and Tzivy Reiter.

For more information and details about OHEL’s Early Childhood Mental Program go or call 1-800-603-OHEL.

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