New Video Streaming Service Provides Accessible and Affordable Mental Health Education

Press Release updated: Feb 25, 2019 09:00 EST

CARLSBAD, Calif., February 25, 2019 – One of Time Magazine’s Golden Geeks of the Internet, Douglas Colbeth, thinks the Internet has only exacerbated mental health issues. However, he believes it can now be part of the solution to fix the current broken mental healthcare model. That’s why Colbeth announced the launch today of MedCircle, a new video streaming service for people who have been failed by the current “Search, Pay and Pray” model.

“As we look back over the past 25 years on the Internet, it has certainly been a commercial success and dramatically impacted our lives,” said Colbeth who is founder and CEO of MedCircle. “However, you can argue it has only exacerbated a broken mental healthcare system. Cyber bullying, suicide, depression, and anxiety rates have only increased. Ironically, in our so called ‘connected world’ people have never been more disconnected. Mental health misdiagnose rates continue to be above 50% – which results in hundreds of millions of people around the globe continuing to live in quiet desperation. Secondly, tens of billions of dollars are being wasted on ineffective treatments.”

According to Colbeth, the first pillar of fixing the broken mental healthcare system begins with accessible and affordable in-depth education featuring widely recognized mental health professionals. MedCircle uses an engaging “lean back and learn” educational model. “Today, the average person asks a car salesman more questions before buying a car than they ask a mental health provider who is going to treat their brain. People know very little about the brain – which is one of the most complex and important organs we possess. This needs to change and individuals need to take control of their own mental healthcare,” said Colbeth.

The MedCircle Solution

MedCircle is the brainchild of Colbeth, two-time successful technology entrepreneur (Spyglass and Kinaxis) and mental health philanthropist (Colbeth Clinic for Children & Adolescent Psychiatry). 

MedCircle leverages the Internet, adds its own technology and produces engaging streaming videos using highly credentialed MedCircle doctors. It is an easily accessible and affordable service – delivering expert mental health content. The MedCircle “lean back and learn” model of education can provide billions of people around the globe access to highly credentialed content.

People can become members of MedCircle and access videos on a variety of mental health topics from the site for free. This includes access to all Series Premieres and the popular MedCircle Weekly Digest. The company also offers a premium membership for a monthly fee of $19.95. This includes access to the entire MedCircle library of educational series, which provide in-depth expertise on the most common mental health conditions. MedCircle also produces new in-depth video series every week.

“Our mission is certainly ambitious, but very straightforward. First and foremost, we want to help hundreds of millions reach their optimal mental health. Secondly, we want to help people save significant costs which are currently being wasted on ineffective treatment,” Colbeth said. “We are empowering people with knowledge so they can take control of their own mental healthcare or someone's they support.”

About MedCircle

Access to the expertise of mental health professionals has become too difficult and too costly. It can often take months to see a mental health professional and insurance policies continue to treat mental health as a second-class health problem. This results in a misdiagnose rate of over 50 percent and a significant percentage of the global population is living in quiet desperation. Worst yet, we have experienced a dramatic rise in suicide, depression, anxiety and online bullying.

With a combination of talented experts and proprietary technology, MedCircle provides the expertise of widely recognized professionals in an accessible and affordable manner.

The co-founders of MedCircle are Douglas and Margaret Colbeth – who for decades have been major philanthropists in the mental health arena. Most notably, they opened The Colbeth Clinic for Children & Adolescent Psychiatry in 2002. This innovative mental health outpatient clinic located in Chicago has treated tens of thousands of primarily inner-city children.

MedCircle has one major goal to help people take control of their own mental health. The MedCircle Video Streaming Service is NOT a social network. MedCircle believes privacy is important and does not allow advertising or sharing member information with any third parties.

CONTACT: Randolph Pitzer at 630.210.1631 or [email protected]

Source: MedCircle

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