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COLOMBUS, Ohio, July 9, 2019 – ​​Branding is crucial to the growth of a company, but a recent analysis by, a leading Strategic Planning firm, discovered that businesses lose millions each year due to internal branding failures. The data revealed that most of the losses were due to three factors:

Stopping once the hire is made

A lot of attention is paid to the company website, the job listing and the interview process. A lot of time and energy is invested in putting the organization’s best face forward to attract the best candidates, but once the offer is accepted, the investment in branding often stops. Successful internal branding has to be ingrained in the entire lifecycle of the employee experience, from when they are a prospective hire to when they are an alum of the organization. Otherwise, it’s not true branding; it’s a recruiting tactic that can backfire. If the image projected to candidates doesn’t match their experience, they will quickly become disillusioned. Disillusioned employees not only aren’t as productive, but they can absolutely destroy both your internal and external brand.

Thinking it’s something you can revisit quarterly

Internal Branding needs to be cultivated like a garden. You can plant the most beautiful flowers in the spring, but if you don’t tend to it constantly, it just becomes a bed of weeds. Too many organizations tend to their garden only once the weeds are large and unsightly. A successful internal branding strategy is one that is constantly vigilant, proactive, and addresses any issues at the first sign, even if no one else sees the budding problem.

Forgetting that seeing is believing

A mission statement is great – it can help focus and guide employees. But a mission statement alone does nothing, no matter how many times it is said or plastered on the wall. A business’s internal brand has to be compatible with the culture, procedures, and policies within the company. The company can say that part of the brand is valuing the customer, but if the call center has a quota of phone calls per hour they must take, then it’s clear that the priority is on the call volume instead of the customer. The internal brand must be ingrained in the culture. It must be a part of every employee’s daily experience. Otherwise, it is meaningless.

A strong internal brand is just as crucial as a strong external brand. In fact, having a strong internal brand can result in a stronger external brand as the employees become more than employees of an organization. They become advocates for it. has found this increases productivity, creativity, and creates better outcomes. The result, according to a Queens School of Business study, is a 15% increase in employee productivity and up to 30% greater customer satisfaction – a winning situation for everyone. is a collaboration of top industry Strategic Planners in the areas of Culture Success, Healthcare and Employee Benefits, Retirement Plan Administration, Risk Management, Business Process Improvement, HRIS Technology, Recruiting, and Branding specializing in the delivery of FORTUNE 500 “One-Point-of-CARE” solutions for mid-sized organizations.

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