Virtual Space has announced the release of Our Minds AR, the First BYOD app for group learning and team work in Augmented Reality. In App Our Minds AR students’ utterances or questions pop up in a way similar to speech bubbles, as in comics. This new collaboration format is sure to make a class or a meeting more effective and engaging.

Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, August 24, 2018 — In App Our Minds AR students’ utterances or questions pop up in a way similar to speech bubbles, as in comics. During a class, a teacher will immediately see the response of every student and will be able to grade him/her. During meetings or group work sessions every participant will get a chance to ask questions and share ideas without waiting for his/her turn.

This is a simple matter of typing in your smartphone the text message you wish other people to see. It will immediately appear in the speech bubble, thus, will be visible for anyone present in Augmented Reality. You can see students and their utterances at the same time. This is how the benefits of collaboration increase rapidly. Augmented Reality makes classes and meetings active, engaging and efficient.

How does it work?
App Our Minds AR works with any device compatible with ARKit. Students can use any device with installed Our Minds Chat, Twitter or Telegram messengers.

Before the class a teacher assigns a number to each seat in the classroom. This can be done by marking the desks with the printed numbers.

Then, a teacher goes to the mapping mode in the Our Minds AR app and marks the location of each student’s seat using the camera. Now the group can start working in Augmented Reality. All the texts typed in a messenger will appear in speech bubbles.

Main features of the app:
• Sending text messages to the speech bubbles.
• Answers may be graded by highlighting the correct answers in green and wrong answers in red.
• All the messages send by the students will be saved in the log.
• Saving room configuration.
• Three available messengers: Our Minds Chat, Twitter and Telegram.
• A teacher can broadcast all the messages to the common screen via АirPlay.

Supported Languages:
•English and Russian

Device Requirements:
•Our Minds Chat: IOS 9.0 or higher (for Apple devices), Android 4.1 or higher (for Android devices)
•Our Minds AR: IOS 11.0 or higher, device must support AR kit

Pricing and Availability:

Our Minds AR is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category.

Our Minds AR for IOS
Our Minds Chat for IOS
Our Minds Chat for Android
Our Minds App Facebook page

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