Colorado Springs, CO – Sep 12, 2018 – We live in a world full of people with an ever decreasing attention span. For businesses, especially in the Colorado area, this means that the challenge to get noticed and to stay noticed is bigger than ever because we are in constant competition, an unending battle, for consumers’ time and interest.

Jesse Wade of Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, LLC, a Colorado Springs outdoor signs company, believes that an awesome solution to this huge challenge has been with us for thousands of years… good old high quality outdoor signs. He shares three interesting statistics that prove how outdoor signs give Colorado businesses the visibility that they need:alt

1. Signs can increase customer footfall.

According to a FedEx Office-commissioned survey by Ketchum Global Research and Analytics, signs play a huge part in driving customers’ purchase decisions. The study shows that 76% of consumers admit to have chosen to step inside a store for the first time based purely on the store’s sign. 68% also admit to have made purchases after a sign caught their attention.

Who knew an everyday outdoor sign could hold so much influence in how well your business performs? It’s important to note, though, that this result likely applies to outdoor signs that are carefully chosen, professionally made, and strategically placed.

If you’re a business based in Colorado Springs that’s looking to get more customers through your doors, your best move would be to partner with a well established local signs provider who can recommend and supply outdoor signage that best suit your brand.

2. Signs can boost profit.

A study by the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati found that around 60% of businesses reported a an average increase of 10% on sales, number of transactions, and profits when they changed the design or enhanced the visibility of their signage.

An increase in footfall, of course, means an increase in your business’s chances of profit. But this positive effect doesn’t come from all signs… they only come from effective ones. It’s not about getting everyone through your doors. In order for outdoor signs to make an impact on your business performance, they’re supposed to target the specific group of people who most likely to purchase from you. Outdoor signs that boost your profits are those that are well received by the audience your brand message intends to penetrate. And only a tried-and-tested provider who specializes in custom-crafted signs can do this.

3. Signs can make or break sales opportunities.

Dr. James Kellaris from the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati performed a study on consumer behavior and found that more than 50% of shoppers say they have driven by and failed to find a business because the sign was too small or unclear… and these can become missed opportunities for you.

Outdoor signs have the power to build your business, but ineffective ones also have the power to drag you down. Unproductive signs mean expenses, not investments. This is exactly why it’s important to work only with trusted and experienced sign providers. They don’t just print out whatever you like… they put their knowledge to use by studying or evaluating their clients’ needs so they can come up with the best signage solution.

Local Outdoor Signs Company in Colorado Springs

Outdoor signs are powerful advertising tools that, when produced and utilized properly, have the potential to bring in more customers and cash. However, low-quality signs can also injure your business without you knowing it. Give your business productive and positive attention by partnering with proven Colorado Springs outdoor sign company Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, LLC.

If you’re in Colorado Springs, drop by Pinnacle Signs & Graphics, LLC for a free outdoor sign consultation.

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