The software enables facilities to process mail faster and helps them conveniently track missing parcels within the premises.

Package Tracking Software Makes Package Handling Convenient for Long Term Care Facilities in the U.S.

Pasadena, MD, March 22, 2019 — TekCore, a leading enterprise software developer, is helping long term care facilities across the U.S. provide better inbound mail services to their residents by offering digital package logging solution, TekTrack.

Inefficient package management has long been an issue at long term care facilities across the country. In this age of instant gratification, where consumers want everything now, long term care facilities have failed to provide their residents with streamlined and prompt mail delivery services. This inability of long term care facilities can primarily be attributed to their reluctant attitude towards technology, where many facilities still log packages by hand and rely on manual systems to process and track inbound mail. Striving to change this trend is a local software development company, TekCore.

Located in Pasadena, TekCore has been consulting Fortune 500 Companies since 1998. Having initially worked on several custom ERP projects, the company launched its first commercial product in 2006, TekTrack, a package tracking software designed to make package handling easier for long term care facilities, hotels, university mailrooms and corporate offices.

The software is currently deployed across more than eighty long term care facilities in the U.S. and is helping these facilities to deliver better package handling services to their residents.

“We’ve been serving clients in the long-term care industry for over a decade,” said a TekCore spokesperson. “During this time, our clientele has only grown stronger. When we started, we only had a few customers sprinkled across the U.S. Today, we have customers all over the world. TekTrack has been a success and will continue to help other businesses become more productive for years to come.”

TekTrack supports a variety of functions including digital package logging, instant delivery notifications, report generation, cloud-based remote access, etc. More details about the software can be obtained by visiting the company’s official website.

About TekCore
TekCore has been developing software solutions for businesses for more than two decades. The company’s patented software product, TekTrack, makes package logging and tracking easy, convenient, efficient and accurate for business and non-business entities.

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