Woodland Park Community Church announced today the expansion of its campus network, with the help of local company Peak Internet.

For several years, Peak Internet has had a 100 Mbps direct fiber-optic connection running into the church's office. The upgrade has greatly expanded both the speed and the area serviced by the church's internet connection.

During the upgrade, Peak Internet installed new equipment capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 10,000 Mbps (10 Gbps). It also expanded the church's fiber network into the church and youth ministry buildings, allowing wider access.

Peak Internet installed 10 Gbps routers and switches into Woodland Park Community Church's office and church buildings, resulting in a desktop speed of 10 Gbps. The church also now has more than a dozen 802.11AC Wave2 Wi-Fi access points across the building, which can deliver speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps to each connected device and support up to 1,200 simultaneous connections.

The upgrade also dramatically improved the building's security system with the installation of over three dozen high-definition surveillance cameras. Given recent security breaches at churches and schools around the country and an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks in the news, Woodland Park Community Church has prioritized this upgrade for the safety of its members and guests. With these updates to its infrastructure, the church knows its building is safe and its internet connection is fast, secure and reliable.

About Woodland Park Community Church: Woodland Park Community Church is a Bible-based church that exists to follow Jesus and lead others to follow Jesus. In addition to Sunday services, the church building is home to dozens of community group gatherings, special events and other activities throughout the year. Its licensed preschool, The Learning Center, provides Christ-centered education to the community. WPCC has been a Peak Internet customer for many years and is proud to begin this new chapter of its relationship with Peak Internet.

About Peak Internet: Peak Internet is one of the leading internet service providers for the Pikes Peak region. The company focuses on providing ultra-high-speed broadband internet to residences, small businesses, enterprises and government clients. Peak Internet owns 100 percent of its network, without piggybacking on government or other companies' infrastructure, and has focused its recent efforts on expanding high-speed internet service into rural areas under-served by other internet service providers.

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