Veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter suggests that using CBD Pet Oil is one of the most effective methods of administering CBD for your pets.


For most people in the US, their four-legged companions aren’t just pets, they’re family and just like the rest of the family, dogs can suffer from problems like anxiety, seizures, nausea and more. That’s why many people have turned to giving their pets CBD products because they claim it helps alleviate their dog’s symptoms. CBD, widely believed to be effective for humans, is also thought to help dogs as well. Anyone who lives with an anxious dog can see the value in using CBD pet treats if it helps reduce their pet’s anxiety. Here’s why they shouldn’t.

CBD treats aren’t helping pets like they promise. Now, to be clear, this doesn’t mean CBD is ineffective in pets, or that CBD doesn’t alleviate the symptoms that so many claim it does. In fact, a pilot study by the University of Colorado points to the conclusion that CBD could greatly benefit dogs, read the study here. Another article by the Pet Behavioral Science Journal also supports this claim. But giving pet family members CBD through treats is still a bad idea. Confused? Don’t worry, there is an explanation to the science behind why it’s a waste of time, money, and more importantly failing to help pets by using CBD treats.

While pets may get excited at the prospect of a treat it isn’t the best option for their daily dosage of CBD for a variety of reasons. The first issue with CBD treats is that many of them are baked. Normally baked dog treats wouldn’t be an issue, who hasn’t given their pooch a Milkbone at some point? The thing is, CBD breaks down at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and loses its potency. For anyone who is unfamiliar with how an oven works, baking temperatures typically exceed 300 Fahrenheit, well beyond the degradation point of CBD. The baked CBD dog treats that costs 20$ a jar probably has little if any CBD presence left. Just because they were infused with 300mg of CBD doesn’t mean pets are getting all 300mg.

Another issue with CBD treats is that there is really no way to know what exactly is in the treats. Hopefully, the company put the amount of CBD in the treat that’s on the label, but what kind of CBD did they actually put in it? Not all CBD is created equal. In fact, there is a staggering degree of difference in the quality of CBD. High-grade CBD isolate will be free of THC and any preservatives or harmful fillers. CBD that is THC free is critical because the family pooch can get sick from a THC overdose in their system. Also, keep in mind that if the product label reads hemp-infused and doesn’t specifically mention CBD dosage strength, then that product doesn’t contain CBD. It’s important to read the labels and do some research before choosing any CBD product. Reputable brands should always feature a way to view batch testing results from third-parties. Test results can typically be found on their websites.

Lastly, dogs absorb nutrients from their food slowly over time just like humans. This means any CBD treat eaten by pets is going to take effect slowly. With any medication, everyone wants something that acts fast, especially for dogs that suffer from something like anxiety with Thunderstorms. It’s important to have something that works fast to help calm that nervous doggo, rather than a few hours later after the storm has already long passed. Pet owners need something that can act quickly to relieve their pet’s symptoms.

When it comes to CBD treats for pets there are far better alternatives available. Veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter suggests that using CBD Pet Oil is one of the most effective methods of administering CBD for pets. Dr. Richter is both an author and owner of Holistic Veterinary Care and has long supported the use of cannabis in pet treatment. While CBD pet treats may be a convenient way to give the family dog CBD, they aren’t worth the money, pose too many risks, and overall may be ineffective at helping dogs. In lieu of CBD treats, consider using CBD Pet Oil instead. These CBD Pet Oils come in a more pure form and are absorbed faster by pets for faster relief.

The takeaway here is that CBD treats should be a no-no, but every good boy that suffers from anxiety, seizures, nausea and more should get a daily dose of CBD Oil. Just do the research and find a reliable brand with batch testing, quality ingredients and avoid CBD in treat form. Anyone searching for a reputable brand that carries Pet CBD is recommended to check out Nixul+CBD. Not only is this CBD Pet Oil tested and made with the highest quality CBD, but it’s fried chicken flavor. Something pets are going to absolutely love! And although there is no price on the love people feel for their pets, the great thing is that the prices are some of the best in the industry.

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