HONG KONG–()–Planto, a personal finance startup launched its beta app to provide simple and actionable advice to money related matters faced by millennials:

When will I be able to purchase my first home?
How much would a gap year cost?
What did I spend my money on?
How can I save better?

…and many more.

How it works:

Planto app utilizes big data, financial simulations and in-house built bank aggregation technologies to visualize users’ past, current and future financials allowing users to effortlessly stay on top of their financial goals and current expenses.


  • Goal budgeting using latest information including macro trends, regulations and goal specific costs (e.g. house prices) combining with users’ financial profile derived from basic information such as age, current income and saving
  • Automated financial summary & tracking consolidated by connecting users’ saving, credit card, loan and mortgage accounts, possible across 9 financial institutions in Hong Kong
  • Personalized insights on spending and saving derived from user behaviors

Bank grade security

  • Sensitive information is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and never leave users’ devices
  • Data is anonymised to ensure no financial data can be linked to any individual
  • IT infrastructure is audited by a leading security firm on a regular basis


Planto’s app is being tested in closed beta. Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and Planto is moving quickly towards official launch within the next few months.

Planto will be available on both iOS and Android. To download, please visit App/Play Store or https://www.planto.hk/ for details/early access.

About us:

Planto was founded by a team of millennials that draws experience from global retail bank and large personal finance platform in Asia. The company is currently being incubated at the University of Hong Kong Entrepreneurship Center (iDendron) with additional support from Cyberport.

We are grateful to be backed by a group of advisors, venture capital investors and finance industry veterans from Hong Kong, North America and Australia. Our backers include Forbes Media’s investor and venture capital firms who have supported personal finance startups around the world.

“Personal finance is not taught in school, after spending years in the banking and personal finance industry, I realized we millennials need simple advice to make better financial decisions, which is why I founded Planto” Ankit Suri, CEO & Co-founder.

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