May 24, 2019 – It is a known fact amongst educators that parental involvement gives a boost to student academic achievement but there is little to no attempt to create a system that enables parents to get involved. Praadis institute of Education has answered the call by developing PIE and PIE Parent.

PIE is a learning app that contains various engaging learning modules containing subject matter across the major educational boards. The app focuses on providing a personalized learning experience through the use of technology, creative educational content, and gaming.

Pie Parent is a fully-encompassing communication tool that closes the gap between student, teacher, and parent. The main purpose of the parent app is to communicate all student academic progress to the parent but ultimately creating an environment at home and at school that fosters positive behaviours like inquisitiveness and the enjoyment of reading. The following tools are useful in helping parents get more involved with their children:

1. Watch the Story and 3D video modules encourage active listening and promote discussion between student and parent
2. AI assistants set daily and weekly reminders regarding study goals and updates student and parent
3. Praadis Connect (social media forum) invites open dialogue between parents, students, and teachers regarding activities and practicals
4. Chat Ttexto (messenger) for communication between parents, students, and teachers
5. PIE Analytics makes all progress in PIE accessible to parents through PIE Parent

PIE and PIE Parent provides multiple open communication channels to parents and gives parents the ability to decide which is most convenient for them.

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