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Pride Pins Make a Statement For LGBT Pride

Non-binary, asexual, and other less familiar LGBT identities encounter a lot of criticism, even despite growing acceptance in the public sphere. One way to fight negativity is to celebrate and share the pride of being different. Cy, a non-binary entrepreneur, is doing just that and helping others express pride in their identities with their new Kickstarter project scheduled to launch on June 1: Pride Pins.

Pride Pins are 1.5” hard enamel pins that come with 15 different pride flag options and twenty five favorite animal options. Buyers get over three hundred combinations to choose from, and can display their identities as well as share them on social media.

What makes Pride Pins so special?

  • Attractive, high quality pins make a bold statement
  • Buyers inspire others with their pride
  • Takes a strong stand against gatekeeping less familiar identities

By wearing the Pride Pins, wearers can show each other they are not alone, and inspire feelings of being connected. The pins can also be shared on Twitter or Facebook, reblogged to Tumblr, or posted to Instagram by selecting the flag and animal holding the flag.

“A lot of people don’t know what non-binary identities are. I’ve been given weird looks when explaining my pronouns are “they/them”. I’ve been told asexuality isn’t a real thing. Education has a long way to go, and while I don’t mind explaining these concepts to folks, I would be lying to say it doesn’t hurt.” – Cy, the creator of Pride Pins.

Every June, LGBT folks across the world engage in the celebration of pride known as “Pride Month.” Cy, as a member of that community, hopes to spread that pride and acceptance for those with lesser known identities as well.

“Gatekeeping hurts. Being told that your identity doesn’t exist hurts. I can’t change people’s minds, but I can push the message loud and clear that I am proud of who I am, and you should be proud of yourself too.” – Cy

With the launch of Pride Pins, Cy has taken one step forward in the fight against gatekeeping by enabling folks to display their pride in a subtle but empowering way. By being together and sharing one’s identities openly with others, more folks can be inspired to have pride in themselves as well.

“My experience isn’t uncommon, but it can still make you feel very alone and isolated. That’s why I made Pride Pins. I want to say to everyone else out there who’s struggling, ‘I see you, you are just like me, and you are valid. I want others to see and celebrate you too.'” – Cy

Join Cy on this journey with Pride Pins, subscribe to the newsletter for the Kickstarter launch, and show that, together, none of us will be erased.

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