August 04, 2018 – Chicago, Illinois: Professional motivational and keynote speaker, Doug Dvorak, is pleased to announce he has successfully reached a milestone of 20,000 LinkedIn followers. With the expansion of Dvorak's connections, he is able to extend his guidance and motivational assistance to individuals and businesses alike.

As one of the most popular keynote and motivational speakers in the world, Dvorak has helped many companies foster greater connectivity and teamwork to help improve the overall morale within companies. Dvorak has a unique approach to motivational speaking. He uses the power of humor to brighten people's lives, which helps individuals and companies understand their potential. As a graduate of the renowned Player's Workshop of the Second City comedy school, Dvorak's use of humor opens up his audiences to the power of their own potential, motivating them to achieve more.

Dvorak is highly sought after by various companies for keynote and motivational speaking because of his optimistic, connective manner. His style is personable, enabling him to connect with people and help them tap into their own positive attributes, which in turn positively impacts companies. Some of the well-known companies Dvorak has assisted include Discover, Intel, Subway, IBM, The Ritz-Carlton and Bridgestone. With the exceptional motivational skills of Dvorak, many of these companies were able to increase employee morale and further the potential of both the individual employees, as well as the companies as a whole.

For more information about Dvorak and the services he offers, visit the website or call 847-241-4860.

About Doug Dvorak: Doug Dvorak is a Hall of Fame motivational speaker based out of Chicago, Illinois. He has motivated thousands of people across the United States and abroad with his personalized, client-focused seminars, workshops and speeches. As a certified speaking professional and a member of several organizations that include The National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Association, Dvorak offers an assortment of services, from leadership training to marketing and branding, that assists individuals and businesses with harnessing the power of humor and inspiration to meet personal and professional goals.

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