Zanesville, OH — 10/04/2018 — Ohio accounting firm Rea & Associates recently made an announcement regarding the hiring of a new senior manager at its Zanesville office. According to the company, Kerry McElroy has officially stepped into this role.

The company went on to provide some information about McElroy's background. According to Rea & Associates, McElroy earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from Ohio Northern University. The company stated that Ms. McElroy then went on to earn her master's degree in accounting from Case Western University. The company also mentioned that McElroy resides on Granville, OH.

Rea & Associates went on to state that it is pleased to appoint McElroy to a managerial role. The company described McElroy as a highly qualified accountant with more than 15 years of accounting experience. The company also reported that McElroy is eager to take on the senior manager position at the Zanesville office. Further details about Ms. McElroy can be found at

Rea & Associates described the Zanesville office as a high-performing and growing branch within the company. The company also said that it looks forward to adding new key staff members and making additional important personnel transitions within the Zanesville office, as well as its other branches in Ohio.

In its concluding statements, Rea provided some company information. Rea & Associates described itself as a regional accounting and business consulting firm that helps individuals and companies in the state of Ohio. A spokesperson with the firm shared that it has been providing financial advice to businesses, individuals, and families since the Great Depression. When Mr. Rea founded the company in 1938, he hoped to help support business loans by installing business accounting systems for bank customers. Rea & Associates indicated that it now employs more than 300 financial professionals in the state of Ohio. Rea also emphasized that it is committed to giving back to the community, and implements several annual service projects.

The company can also be seen at

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