Strategic partnership focused on empowering hundreds of clients to produce and distribute clips, highlights, and condensed games

Press Release updated: Feb 26, 2019 10:00 EST

SANTA MONICA, Calif., February 26, 2019 – REELY Corp. announced today a strategic partnership with PrestoSports, a leading provider of cutting edge technology for sports teams, for integration with their webcasting platform Stretch Internet. This partnership will empower all of Stretch’s clients with the option to create and distribute automated short-form content.

Stretch customers will be able to access the REELY platform, which automatically creates highlights in real-time using a proprietary Artificial Intelligence solution. Conferences, Leagues, and Teams can now quickly and easily create highlights and rank the quality of content utilizing REELY’s proprietary HYPE score. Editors no-longer have to sift through hours of video to find that one special moment.

PrestoSports streams more than 70,000 games annually with a focus on collegiate, professional and high-school athletics. The partnership will accelerate REELY’s growth in this target market while offering PrestoSports customers tools that have traditionally been inaccessible due to the lack of availability or cost. REELY has focused efforts in the college athletics space since the end of 2018 and has made great headway with existing PrestoSports customers like the America East Conference, Centennial Conference, and Babson College. Developing this strategic partnership was an obvious next step of the collaboration that was already happening.

“Partnering with PrestoSports’ Stretch platform is our biggest win yet in the college space,” said Ian Stephens, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of REELY. “Relevant short-form videos are essential to brand engagement—together we have the opportunity to democratize highlights for student-athletes, parents, and fans. The end result is real-time content creation empowering schools to tell better stories with incredible reach across the Stretch ecosystem.”

Today more than ever, the demands of content owners have grown far beyond the ability to deliver live and on-demand streams. REELY focuses on making the creation of short-form content incredibly easy. The fully automated auto-clipping system, with its integrated HYPE score, puts the power in the hands of editors to quickly find, rank, and distribute content.

“With fans demanding the ability to gain highlights faster than ever, we view our ability to leverage the REELY platform as a leap forward for our clients, their programs and their fans,” said Keith Womack, President of PrestoSports. “We have been impressed with the capabilities of the REELY platform and look forward to our partnership.”

The REELY solution will be made available as an option on PrestoSports’ Stretch Internet and the forthcoming StretchLive platforms beginning March 1.


Stretch Internet and PrestoSports recently combined forces to become PrestoSports. As the leading provider of web and mobile solutions, streaming video, stats management and other services, PrestoSports provides a comprehensive set of solutions to more than 1,400 professional, college and university athletic programs. Through their innovative technology stack and phenomenal commitment to customer support, PrestoSports continued to revolutionize the industry. The company operates under the PrestoSports, SIDHelp, Stretch Internet, PrestoStats and PrestoCamps brand names. PrestoSports is a division of Clubessential Holdings, LLC.


REELY’s mission is to empower content owners to build stronger brands by enhancing fan engagement with clips, highlights, and condensed games. Core to the REELY ecosystem is a proprietary artificial intelligence based platform that leverages computer vision and machine learning to automatically clip, tags, rank and distribute short-form content in real time. The platform supports both traditional sports and eSports for a growing list of global clients.

Source: REELY

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