CHICAGO, Jan. 19, 2019 — The Leving Legal Team recovered a Chicago father's little boy, who was allegedly abducted by the mother, and found in Tennessee. Previously, the Leving Legal Team, led by attorneys Arthur Kallow and Andrew Benson, obtained an emergency Order from an Illinois court requiring the mother to immediately release the boy to his father. That was the first step in reuniting father and son and bringing the boy home. The next step was finding the child.

The second step of locating the boy and enforcing the Court Order was strategically difficult. But, failure was not an option. With the assistance of Leving's private detective, Wayne Halick, the Leving team finally located the missing boy hundreds of miles away in Tennessee. Overjoyed at learning where his son was, the father immediately traveled to Tennessee, with copies of the critical Court Order that Leving obtained with him. The father and son were quickly reunited, and they started driving back home to Chicago.

When the mother learned that the dad retrieved the boy, she went to the local police and claimed the dad had kidnapped the boy.  

The police, believing the mother, were getting ready to issue an Amber Alert and a warrant for the father's arrest for kidnapping, when the Leving team attorneys intervened. They clarified to the police that the father had a valid Court Order giving him custody of the child. Ultimately, the police were rightfully convinced by the Leving team that the father, not the mother, lawfully had custody of the boy. No Amber Alert was issued, and the father was not taken into custody.

The father and his son are now safe back in their Chicago home. The little boy will not be in hiding anymore with his mother in a strange town and out of school. Instead, because of the Leving team's work, and a courageous dad who never gave up, even in the face of a threatened Amber Alert, the little boy will return to his school next week. He will see his friends, and be secure knowing that he won't be taken from his dad and his home again.

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SOURCE Law Offices of Jeffery Leving, Ltd.

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