REEDSVILLE, Wis., Aug. 22, 2018 — Rev. Richard H. Klingeisen is recognized by Continental Who's Who as Pinnacle Professional of The Year for his notable work in the Healthcare and Pastoral Care fields.  

Coordinator of Health Services at the Diocese of Green Bay, and Pastor at St. Mary's Clarks Mills and St. Michael Whitelaw, Rev. Klingeisen has worked in the clergy since 1972. Throughout his illustrious career, Rev. Klingeisen has attained extensive expertise in support and vision of Catholic education, as well as supporting and counseling the families of the sick and dying. In his current capacity, Rev. Klingeisen facilitates meetings, and is a consultant for medical/ethical issues as well as end of life issues.

“We need to build a civilization of love in the midst of a culture of death,” Rev. Klingeisen said. “We can do this by supporting the dying and their families spiritually through prayer and in practical ways, like a visit or a phone call. Today there are so many ways to make dying easier whether the person is at home, or in a long-term care facility, or an acute-care hospital. Working with physicians and nurses, we can show respect and love as we provide palliative (comfort) care.”

Throughout the course of his educational pursuits, Rev. Klingeisen obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at The St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

To further advance his professional career, Rev. Klingeisen is an esteemed member of several prominent organizations including the Catholic Medical Association as well as the Local Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, and the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.

Charitable to various organizations, Rev. Klingeisen sits on the local board to facilitate recruitment and support for the volunteers from the diocese of Green Bay who wish to help St Vincent Mission in Eastern Kentucky with home repair and youth outreach.

When not working, Rev. Klingeisen enjoys working on a dairy farm with his younger brother, playing golf and reading particularly in the winter.

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SOURCE Continental Who's Who

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