Revolution Marketing & Management's Director of Operations discussed the firm's ongoing growth and the resulting potential for promotions and hiring. He also highlighted a few qualities he looks for in ideal hires.

Press Release updated: Sep 14, 2018 09:00 EDT

LAS VEGAS, NV , September 14, 2018 – “There’s a lot of excitement around the Revolution Marketing & Management office right now,” stated JC, the firm’s Director of Operations. “Our company is set to double in size over the next few months, so there will be opportunities for hiring and advancement for current team members. I couldn’t be prouder of the work our branding experts have done to get us to this point, so I’m happy to reward our top performers with promotions.”

JC explained that the firm’s immersive training will enable continued success. He added, “As we expand, we maintain our commitment to in-depth education. New hires will be immersed in our processes to help them build confidence. Existing team members who are elevated to new positions will take advantage of ongoing development programs to ensure that they thrive as well. In the process, the Revolution Marketing & Management name will become even more prominent in the event-based marketing industry.”

Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director Outlines the Best Attributes for New Hires

“There's a lot of excitement around the Revolution Marketing & Management office right now,”


Director of Operations

There are a few key attributes Revolution Marketing & Management hiring managers look for in prospective additions to the team. JC commented, “During their interviews, candidates can set themselves apart from the crowd by exhibiting a few essential qualities. Communication skills may be the most obvious of these abilities, as we can assess their articulation levels during our meetings. If someone is well organized in terms of sharing his or her thoughts, we know we’ve found a solid potential fit.”

Finding candidates who are passionate about their work and career journeys is another point of emphasis for JC. He remarked, “It’s usually pretty easy to tell during an interview if a person has genuine love for what he or she does. We ask about the past successes and future goals that excite candidates. If we receive answers that inspire us, we take them as good signs. There’s always room for another enthusiastic achiever on Team Revolution Marketing & Management.”

Strong team players are ideal fits for the Revolution Marketing & Management workspace, so the firm’s hiring managers ask about instances in which candidates worked with others to achieve big wins. “The responses we get tell us how well a potential hire would fit in our team-driven culture.”

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