Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 Years of Helping Families Save for College

We are proud of having helped countless families financially prepare for the cost of college,


This year, celebrates 20 years of informing and educating families and financial professionals on saving and paying for college. Since 1999, the company has grown into the leading source of unbiased information on 529 college savings plans, trusted by millions of readers including parents, grandparents, financial advisors and the media. was founded in 1999 by Joe Hurley, a certified public accountant with a fascination for all aspects of saving for college.

Joe Hurley wrote the bestselling book, The Best Way to Save for College – A Complete Guide to 529 Plans. Now in its 12th edition, this guide to 529 plans has sold more than 100,000 copies. also publishes the Family Guide to College Savings, available for free to registered visitors to the web site. maintains this tradition with more than 30 million visitors since the web site’s inception. is most popular guide to saving for college and 529 plans. also has nearly 200,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletters.

In 2018, the web site had more than 10 million pageviews by millions of visitors to thousands of articles, dozens of tools and calculators, 5-cap ratings and 529 plan performance rankings.
“We are proud of having helped countless families financially prepare for the cost of college, and look forward to continuing our thought leadership and service for years to come,” said Marcos Cordero, CEO of has been at the forefront of innovation in the college savings industry, developing methodologies that enable investors to evaluate and compare 529 college savings plans, including Composite Rankings, 5-Cap Ratings and the 529 Fee Study.

  • The 529 Composite Rankings compare the historical investment performance of 529 plans based on a representative selection of each 529 plan’s investment options.
  • The 5-Cap Ratings are assigned to 529 plans based on performance, costs, features and reliability. In addition, a resident upgrade is included for state residents, to reflect additional benefits provided to state residents, such as state income tax deductions and tax credits.
  • The 529 Fee Study presents the highest and lowest 10-year expense totals for direct-sold 529 plans based on a $10,000 investment. has also created many tools and calculators to help families and financial professionals prepare personalized estimates of the impact of investing decisions. More recent introductions include the Superfunding Calculator, the K-12 Savings Calculator and the Pro 529 Evaluator.

  • The Superfunding Calculator lets investors compare the impact of a lump-sum contribution vs. monthly contributions.
  • The K-12 Savings Calculator helps families determine how much to save in a 529 plan for K-12 tuition costs.
  • The Pro 529 Evaluator allows advisors to have an easy side-by-side comparison of specific portfolios within different 529 plans. also provides the only online forum dedicated to discussing saving for college and 529 college savings plans.

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