Daily Ding is bringing coupon books into the 21st century with the new Daily Ding App. This app modernizes the coupon book, making it digitally accessible and with you anytime you have your phone handy.

Press Release updated: Sep 24, 2018 12:20 EDT

INDIANAPOLIS, September 24, 2018 (PressRelease.com) – Schools and organizations are probably familiar with the oversized coupon books or discount fundraiser cards that are purchased but are always left behind! These discounted fundraisers were popular because they appeared to have access to hundreds of dollars in annual savings. There was one problem, though. The coupon books had to have the foresight to search for the coupon prior to visiting the restaurant or store where you wanted to use it. How much money in savings went to waste because you’d forgotten the coupon altogether?

Fast forward to 2018. The Daily Ding App is bringing coupon books into the 21st century. This app modernizes the coupon book, making it digitally accessible and with you anytime you have your phone handy. It’s highly appealing to busy families who want to take advantage of savings but don’t have time to haul out a coupon book.

Now with the new Daily Ding fundraiser, local schools and organizations will make 70% in profits! This is a high-yield return, and it’s so much less hassle than a coupon book and other traditional fundraisers.

The proof of the app’s success is out there in schools and organizations. Take Lake Local Schools for example. Lake Football made a whopping 86% more in fundraising profits over last year thanks to Daily Ding. Coach Dan DeGeorge says, “The app creates the ability for customers to have discounts available to them at all times.  In this day and age when everyone has their phone on them at all times,  it creates the best possible scenario.” What’s more, there’s a large amount of savings to be had–even larger than other similar versions of coupon fundraisers.

There was some initial hesitation with using something; however, once they realized how accessible and useful it would be to have the savings right on their phone, they were eagerly on board! Coach Dan points out, “With anything new, people sometimes hesitate. Once they start using the app, they’re bound to love it!”

Another perk of using the Daily Ding Fundraiser is that it can be constantly updated and improved upon. Once a coupon book or a card is created, it’s done. No new deals; no enhancements. Daily Ding is updated constantly to make sure that it’s the best that it can be both for schools and for advertisers.

For more information about how to get started with Daily Ding, contact our national distribution partner DriveMind Group at [email protected]. DriveMind Group was founded by former school superintendents that wanted to impact schools and accelerate change. For more on DriveMind Group visit www.drivemindgroup.com or for more on Daily Ding visit www.daily-ding.com

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