A new Texas-based startup is attempting to improve physicians' quality of life by solving the problems associated with Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Press Release updated: Aug 29, 2018 22:56 EDT

HOUSTON, August 29, 2018 (PressRelease.com) – Virtual Physician Scribes, based in Houston, Texas, provides Texas health professionals access to trained and licensed doctors who will, in real time, take down relevant notes and complete the necessary data entry and billing requirements. By managing all the clerical aspects of the doctor/patient interaction, Virtual Physician Scribes will help doctors regain control of clinical practices and improve their overall quality of life while also allowing the doctor to focus more on the care delivered rather than the administrative duties associated with EMRs.  

More information can be found at https://vpscribe.com/index.aspx.

The company was created by doctors for doctors and aims to make life easier by streamlining the note-taking process. The virtual scribe service offered by Virtual Physician Scribes was designed to save healthcare providers time and earn more money by increasing focus and time management.

'You Treat, We Chart'

Ultimately, this leads to the practice and the doctors being able to be more productive, because they’re not having to manage every aspect of the situation. Virtual Physician Scribes allows the doctor to focus on the patient and the checkup in hand, rather than having to write out notes themselves.

One of the things that separates Virtual Physician Scribes from other competitors in the healthcare market is that Virtual Physician Scribes only hires physicians to do the scribing.

This represents a step up in quality from other companies, who often only require a high school diploma in order to take someone on for the role. This means that the quality of scribe is higher when using Virtual Physician Scribes, and allows for more peace of mind in all aspects of running the practice.

Demand for scribes has grown hugely since the switch to electronic record keeping in 2015 because it frees up so much time and thinking space for the physicians in question. It allows doctors to listen to the patient with closer attention to detail, without having to worry about gathering and writing information.

Research shows that the use of a scribe is closely associated with improved overall productivity as measured by patients treated per hour. This leads to a positive impact on revenue, more face time with the patients in question and increased patient satisfaction.

Full details can be found on the URL above or use http://vpscribe.com/vpcontact.aspx to contact us.

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