10 Online Course Modules

Online course modules are available for purchase at SHImacrobiotics.org

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — SHI Macrobiotics, also known as the Strengthening Health Institute, announced online course modules are available in their site store for individuals interested in learning about specific health topics. Online course modules do not require the purchase of a full macrobiotic course.

SHI Macrobiotics Description
The SHI Macrobiotics mission is to educate and empower individuals to create their own lasting health through diet and lifestyle practices. This knowledge comes from decades of studying by SHI Macrobiotics founder, Denny and Susan Waxman. They have worked with leading macrobiotics teachers across the globe since the 1960’s when macrobiotics made it’s initial appearance in Western civilization. The information is then shared at SHI Macrobiotics, founded in 1997, through education and community involvement. They strongly encourage you to try out one of the modules and start getting around like-minded people!

Online Course Modules Available
Module 1 – Towards A New View of Health
Module 2 – The Body Map & Five Transformations
Module 3 – The Foundation of Health
Module 4 – Blood Quality & Vitality
Module 5 – Blood Quality & Immunity
Module 6 – Principles of Diagnosis
Module 7 – Power of Foods
Module 8 – Heart, Circulatory & Emotional Health
Module 9 – Family & Reproductive Health
Module 10 – Understanding the Mind

Online Courses Available
Introductory Macrobiotic Course – The curriculum will introduce concepts to appropriately measure and evaluate the effectiveness of macrobiotic diets that are designed to improve the health of practitioners. New trends, as well as key opportunities to follow well-established dietary and lifestyle best practices, will also be included.

Beginner Macrobiotic Course – The purpose of this course is to provide a strong introduction to the SHI approach to macrobiotics. The curriculum has been designed to give you a clear understanding of how to practice macrobiotics today. It is essential for people who want to improve their health through macrobiotics by learning about the important aspects and priorities needed for improving health.

Intermediate Macrobiotic Course – The SHI Intermediate Macrobiotic Course is designed for students to begin making long-lasting changes to their health and lifestyles. This course takes the entire Beginner Macrobiotic Course and blends it with the first 3 modules of the Advanced Macrobiotic Course. The purpose of segmenting this course in such a way, is to provide a more holistic view of what truly makes the SHI approach different from classic macrobiotic studies.

Advanced Macrobiotic Course – The advanced course takes previous concepts and principles covered in the Beginner Macrobiotic Course and the Intermediate Macrobiotic Course and practically and deeply applies them to all aspects of modern life and health. Upon finishing the course, students who choose the entire program (both online and on-site) receive certification for guiding others to health with non-life threatening illnesses in the macrobiotic tradition.

For more information on SHI Macrobiotics courses and modules, you can contact Teron Meyers at (215) 238-9212 or email him at [email protected]

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