The President of Signature, Inc. announced that once again, the team helped raise funds for a cause that's close to their hearts: The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation. Together they raised $25,000 for this organization.

Press Release updated: Oct 12, 2018 09:00 EDT

CHERRY HILL, NJ , October 12, 2018 – ​Kenneth Weinraub, Signature, Inc.’s President, noted the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation’s mission – to provide support to parents who are struggling to pay for medical expenses for an ill child – aligns with the firm’s values of helping families in need. “We are just trying to leave our mark to make the world a better place,” he said. 

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation was formed in 1996 in memory of Jay McGillis, a young Boston College football player who developed leukemia during his collegiate years and sadly lost his battle. Coughlin was the team’s coach and created the fund after watching the McGillis family endure not only the loss of a child, but the costs associated with caring for someone with a serious illness. Since its formation, the fund has helped over 5,000 families in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area and Jacksonville, Florida. Their programs include financial assistance as well as support for initiatives and centers that improve the quality of life for these families and their children.

In the team’s desire to leave a mark and make life easier for others, Signature, Inc.’s fundraising efforts have totaled $125,000 over the last four years for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation. As Weinraub noted, the entire team has felt immense pride in being able to contribute to such a worthy cause. 

“We are just trying to leave our mark to make the world a better place,”



Signature, Inc.’s President Explains Why This Team Makes Giving Back a Priority 

According to Weinraub, being able to give back to the community goes beyond Signature, Inc.’s business goals. It provides the team with more than one purpose and allows them to do something special together, which lends nicely to the family-like atmosphere in the office. As Weinraub explained, whether it’s donating to a group or volunteering time, philanthropic activities yield a positive impact on the company overall.

When it comes to selecting a charity, Weinraub noted that the causes the team considers tend to be ones that have a personal appeal. In this case, childhood cancers and helping families in need are what have led them to contribute to the Jay Fund for the last four years. Other giveback efforts might involve putting their talents to work in different ways, such as serving food at a soup kitchen or running a food or toy drive, but as Weinraub concluded, as long as they’re making a difference together, whatever they do is great.

About Signature Inc. 

Signature is an award-winning leader in marketing and promotions. The firm is renowned for their work with key telecommunications and home improvement brands. They have even been recognized by both Verizon and Inspire Energy for providing outstanding solutions. The experts deftly analyze, identify, and launch marketing solutions that leave lasting impressions. Signature is supported by core values of integrity, innovation, and passion. As such, the firm has become a driving marketing force in the Philadelphia region. In addition to marketing prowess, Signature has a strong commitment to the community. They contribute to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation and many other worthy causes. Learn more about this thriving firm by visiting its website

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