Summary: Cluey Learning, an online tutoring service, continues to develop thanks to a $20 million funding injection from investors.

Press Release updated: Jun 17, 2019 11:04 EDT

SYDNEY, June 17, 2019 – Cluey Learning has gained $20 million in Series A funding, which will now help the online learning platform to continue its development and expand. In total, the company has raised $31 million since its foundation.

Cluey is a tutoring platform that matches students from year 3 to year 12 to tutors that are chosen to meet their learning requirements. The method is designed to provide individual learning to all students, using analytics to adapt lessons to every individual. The online nature of the platform makes expert tutors available to students all over Australia. Students can access the tutoring that they need with only a quality internet connection, no matter where they are, and can save time by using online tutoring too.

Online learning is a field that has been growing with the internet. Being online gives people access to huge amounts of knowledge and allows for easier knowledge sharing. It makes it possible for people to study, learn continually and even gain qualifications, including degrees. There are more than 1,000 providers of online education in Australia, generating around $3.3 billion in revenue. This shows that the “edtech” industry has become a significant present in Australia, and it continues to grow and develop as new technologies become possible.

One of the ways that Cluey aims to use online learning to improve education in Australia is by offering tailored learning to students. Using analytics, they are able to offer learning material that both follows the school curriculum and adapts learning methods to each student. Using a video and audio, a virtual whiteboard and digital content, the tutoring platform offers a range of ways to learn.

Cluey currently offers tutoring in Mathematics, Chemistry and English, as well as preparation for NAPLAN tests. The platform provides tutors for students in their primary, secondary and senior years, and aims to expand the curriculum on offer with the new funding.

The investment in the platform suggests that investors are willing to recognise the importance of the edtech sector, and specifically the role of tutoring in education. Cluey uses technology to help students gain access to education, and to make tutoring something that is more accessible to a wider range of students.

Speaking about the use of the funding, Mark Rohald said that it would partly be used to improve their analytics. He said: “The funding will go towards further developing our learning platform and analytics capabilities so that we can better understand the ways in which children learn, and how we can personalise the process for each student”.

Source: Cluey Learning

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