JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, July 2, 2019 / — Elections 2020 are now underway. Restructure America,Inc., an ebook on Amazon is a Business Plan for the US Government. In one hour at the beach with and iPad or on the sofa with an Android phone any reader will educate themselves on the important issues and find “Simple Solutions to Complex Problems” and every reader will be better informed than any Congressperson.

The book is nonpartisan so that every voter in America can learn of the foreign economic competition; the ills of the General Fund where Congress dumps all your money; how the wealthy can painlessly pay for the National Defense; why it is not necessary to replace good private healthcare, but, it is necessary to provide Medicare for All and many other pertinent solutions. Did you know that people in 50 other countries live longer than Americans?

Big Pharma drugs do not make Americans healthier and they definitely make most American families poorer.
Congress creates complexity to cover their weakness. An example is Social Security, where Restructure America, Inc. points out that 50% of all earned income is exempt from FICA taxes, so only the middle class pays the freight.
Climate change and energy are debated globally, but, there are some glaring misuses of energy, such as, Bitcoin mining. A recent TV broadcast showed one bitcoin mining operation alone that may use more energy than IBM's Watson machine.
The lifestyle of middle class Americans has fallen behind many other countries because of poor education. Western Europeans, Japanese, Australians, South Koreans and other cultures have better education, better healthcare, better paid vacations and better pensions than most Americans.

To improve American life style, especially in the area of culture, becoming fluent in a second language should be a prerequisite for high school graduation. Verbal exams will help this deficiency.
Restructure America,Inc. will clarify most of the issues being debated in the coming months. Read the book and feel like a Jeopardy Champion!

Charles W. Kelly
Restructure America, Inc.
+1 239-784-3776
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