The searchable browser connects every community to every user on the SynQ platform.

Los Angeles, CA, September 21, 2018 — CryptoSyndicate, a crypto discussion group turned SaaS startup, today introduced a new community browser to SynQ, its next-gen communication platform designed specifically for crypto users.

The community browser serves as the landing page for SynQ users after sign-in. The first of its kind for crypto communities, the browser is searchable, allowing users to view all the publicly listed groups on SynQ.

“Slack and Discord host crypto communities, but you have no way of traveling from one to the other on the actual platform,” said CryptoSyndicate COO Nick Mancini. “With SynQ’s community browser, the audience of every community is now the entire user base.”

The community browser is designed to spotlight a feature community on a rotating basis. Featured communities will be showcased in a banner at the top of the browser that includes their icon, tagline, and four searchable tags that describe the content and audience of the group. Also included are the total membership and number of members currently online.

All other communities will be listed by community name, icon, and tagline. Users can search community messages and filter by popular tags such as “BTC,” “ETH,” and “Trading.”

Noted Mancini, “Most platforms let users connect to each other or funnel users to a specific community. But SynQ is connecting entire communities with other communities through our browser.”

The browser is the next step in SynQ’s plan to become the premier communication platform of the crypto space. Having released the alpha version of SynQ in mid-August, CryptoSyndicate closed platform sign-ups later that week in response to overwhelming user enthusiasm.

“We’ve successfully transitioned our own CryptoSyndicate community to SynQ,” said Mancini. “Now we’re assisting our early adopter flagship communities with their own move to SynQ. The browser will help them scale their communities with every new group that joins.”

Community creation is available to select communities by invitation only. Early adopter communities include Too Broke for Bitcoin, the book group for Ash Roulston’s guide to no-capital crypto investment, and the ICO community for Hoard Invest. Interested moderators and administrators can add their names to a waitlist at the SynQ website for early access to public community creation.

SynQ Suite is currently available in Android and iOS mobile and web apps. Visit Google Play or the App Store to download.

Visit for more information about SynQ, the first application suite designed specifically for crypto communities.

CryptoSyndicate is a technology development and communications firm that builds critical applications for the crypto market. Founded by CEO Enrique Gutierrez, CryptoSyndicate began in 2017 as a collective of business analysts, traders, and developers with a passion for blockchain technology. Based on their experiences as a community, they realized that the crypto space needs and deserves specific platforms for discussion, collaboration, and education.

CryptoSyndicate’s mission is to identify gaps in the crypto-space and build architecture to support all the ways that communities grow, interact, and create value. Visit the website at

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