“I think what attracts such sharp people to TAG is the growth opportunities. Everyone is empowered to grow and level up. Being complacent and stagnant is not an option.” – Jaime Hepp

ORANGE, Calif.

For the second year in a row, TAG has been honored as “Top 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation”.

Each year, the Best and Brightest Program conducts a thorough search to identify America's “hottest companies”. Through the Best and Brightest Programs, NABR (the National Association for Business Resources) provides specialized business services, education, and resources for businesses throughout the United States.

Over 2400 companies were nominated for the program in 2018. TAG made the Top 101 list.

Nine of TAG's key players were interviewed shortly after receiving the award. Their testimonials speak volumes about TAG's aggressive growth culture and the motivated staff working there.

“I love the culture… We work hard together and we play hard together. I have travelled to 6 different states and 2 different countries I have never been before with the company for conferences, with the people I love to work with. We have weekly sports nights and team nights. We give back to the community together! We grow together! We are awesome!” – Mirza Ulasoglu

“It has been a great experience working at TAG. TAG has given me the opportunity to experience the entrepreneurial spirit allowing me to grow and develop myself personally and professionally. I am looking forward to continually learning and developing my skills in leadership and management in order to expand and grow businesses nationally and internationally.” – Mike Ye

“I think what makes TAG a great place to work is the quality of the people that work here. Whatever the company or industry, when you have hard-working, high-integrity, ambitious, caring people working there, I would imagine that growth would be inevitable. I feel very lucky to be working with great people year in and year out. Also – I think what attracts such sharp people to TAG is the growth opportunities. Everyone is empowered to grow and level up. Being complacent and stagnant is not an option.” – Jaime Hepp

“TAG has continuously given me the opportunity to expand and shape myself into the business professional I’ve always dreamed to be. As a woman in business, I feel supported and encouraged to Lead and always “sit at the table.” I will be a successful entrepreneur and I owe that to TAG, so thank you!” – Angie Lockwood

“One thing I love about working here at TAG is the only way to advance in our business is to help your co-worker. A teaching satisfaction experience you get when you see your co-workers advance in the business. Just awesome! At the same time the relationships your build along the way are priceless.” – Eliseo Lopez

“Over the last few years at TAG I have grown personally and professionally, but more importantly, I have developed relationships with the people here that I cherish and will carry on throughout the rest of my life. Every day brings new challenges, and opportunities and I get to tackle them with people I respect and enjoy working with. In particular, the last year has allowed me the chance to help create an entirely new division of our business. The freedom to learn and explore, while stretching personal limits has made TAG an amazing place for me to work.” – Chris Mora

“I’m proud of the friendships I’ve made in the office that have effected both my work life and personal life. Being around strong willed people has improved my life.” – Kelsey Dieter

“My experience with TAG has been one of tremendous personal growth. I’m truly grateful to be apart of a company that fosters supportive and opportunistic relationships among its members.” – Natalie Tate

“Working at TAG has been a great experience for me because it allows me the freedom to dig deep and develop myself. My problem solving skills are constantly at work trying to solve each business customer’s unique needs. I also love the model of TAG. The only way that people get ahead is they must truly help and care for their teammates. There is a culture that fosters growth, togetherness, and love for one another as we thrive as a team to reach a common destination.” – Errol Haye

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