“No one should face cancer alone.”


On Saturday, June 15, 2019, Tamara Hunter, was chosen to enter the third and final phase of the top 25 of The Next Impactor Challenge. Tamara Hunter ended the second phase in first place in the voting category in a field of the “Top 50 Impactors” from around the world. The Next Impactor is a voting competition that has an element of twists and turns, so the winner must be in first place when they crown The Next Impactor in Chicago, Illinois on August 30, 2019 at the Stan Mansion.

Tamara is on a global mission to end isolation, fear and depression associated with cancer. The Executive Director and Co-founder of a nonprofit, Chemo Buddies for Life that is, “Healing Through Connections” within a community called “The Buddies Network.” Dedicated to those with all cancers, all stages this nonprofit supports the patient and also those who love and support them. “Our stand is it doesn't matter what treatment anyone chooses, be it traditional, alternative, adjunctive; if someone hears those three words, the next thing they should do is get their own, 'Buddy for Life!'” http://www.chemobuddies4life.org

TIME to VOTE for Tamara Hunter; Upon the announcement of the “Top 25” on June 15, all 25 contestants were taken back to zero votes. Now is the time to vote for Tamara Hunter to be crowned the World's Next Impactor.


What Tamara Hunter plans to do as The Next Impactor

The Next Impactor competition platform will enable Tamara Hunter and Chemo Buddies for Life to touch a population that has been underserved. Winning The Next Impactor will enable Tamara to impact this group with a strong global community, while gaining awareness and supplying education through TV, magazines, radio, and other platforms throughout the world.

About the Next Impactor Competition

The winner will receive a prize package to deliver their impact across the globe worth more than $500,000.00 in resources, at the Finale on August 30 in Chicago where The Next Impactor will be crowned. For more on competition details go to http://www.thenextimpactor.com or follow the competition on social media @thenextimpactor.

Tamara Hunter (951) 501-9939
[email protected]

Tamara Hunter
Phone: (951) 501-9939
Email: [email protected]

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