Telecom Consulting's President discussed the firm's expansion to Florida and the driven team member leading the effort. He also outlined the hiring initiative that will accompany the move.

Press Release updated: Jan 18, 2019 09:00 PST

LONG BEACH, CA , January 18, 2019 – ​There’s excitement in the air around the Telecom Consulting office with the recent announcement of an expansion into Florida. Alex, the firm’s President, explained that the team can’t wait to see what this new region has to offer the company and its national service partners. Along with reaching different demographics, this move will also open doors for people in Florida who are looking for rewarding careers in the customer acquisition industry.

Andrew will be spearheading the new branch. Alex stated that there’s no one better equipped for the opportunity. The President added that Andrew has always led by example around the Telecom Consulting workspace. Opening Florida on behalf of promoted telecom services providers is the latest evidence of Alex pushing himself beyond his comfort zone and inspiring others in the process.

Entering Florida is the ideal way for company leaders to launch into 2019. Alex remarked that the coming year will be full of growth for Telecom Consulting. The Florida operation sharpens the firm’s reputation as a fast-growing innovator in the customer acquisition industry.

Telecom Consulting’s President Details Upcoming Hiring Initiative
Along with advancement possibilities for current members of Team Telecom Consulting, launching a branch in Florida will also create new opportunities for driven people to come on board. Alex explained that people looking for something beyond the typical job will find rewarding career journeys and plenty of ongoing development options.

Incoming associates receive hands-on education in every aspect of Telecom Consulting operations. New hires are also matched with experienced team members who provide personalized coaching that quickly instills confidence. Through these immersive techniques, newer people are equipped to thrive in a variety of roles.

Alex noted that constant improvement is a focal point of the Telecom Consulting culture, so those who are committed to learning new things every day will be ideal fits. There are many internal training sessions available to team members, but travel also plays a big role in associates’ ongoing development. From leadership conferences to relaxing retreats, people can learn from top industry leaders and forge valuable network connections at the same time.

It’s an exciting time to join Telecom Consulting, with the Florida expansion just the beginning for the firm’s growth in 2019 and beyond. Alex is looking forward to finding the right additions to his team and new regions to enter in the near future.

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