Craft beer sales now comprise 24 percent of the United States’ beer market – which is a $114 billion industry.

These trendy, homegrown beers rely on both taste and aesthetic appeal to attract customers within a growing market. And the most important element is a logo design., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, determined the best beer logo designs of 2019 that all food and beverage brands could emulate. These are:

1.    Flying Dog
2.    21st Amendment
3.    Magic Hat
4.    SouthNorte Beer Co.
5.    RedHook
6.    Vocation Brewery
7.    Scrappy Punk
8.    Maine Beer Company
9.    Night Shift Brewing
10.    Little Machine Beer
11.    Deschutes Brewery
12.    Krone
13.    Baderbrau Brewing and Lyft
14.    Commonwealth Brewing Company
15.    Drygate Brewing Company
16.    Bald Eagle Beer

DesignRush also researched the best local and global logo design agencies who can create on-brand logos that embody food and beverage businesses well.

Some of the top craft beer logo design companies from around the world include:

1. Anakin Design Studio

Anakin is an award-winning branding and design studio specializing in design craftsmanship and creative use of digital technology. Their approach is a small and highly experienced team with over 20 years in branding and design doing work that's stimulating, challenging and enjoyable. They work with brands, agencies and governments on small to large projects, developing sophisticated and sustainable design solutions.

2. Anchour

Anchour helps underdogs and challenger brands build impactful brands. They are a digitally-focused branding firm based in Maine. Tucked away from the noise and the hype, they focus on the fundamentals of building successful businesses: strategic thinking, hard work, and honest results. Through beautiful design and innovative digital marketing plans, they bring brands to life and help them flourish.

3. Anderson Creative

As a team, Anderson Creative operates under the philosophy that “individually, we are good, together, we are great.” This applies both internally and externally as they create a collaborative environment that is vital to project success. As artists, creatives, and problem solvers, they approach every project with the end user in mind. They use the fundamentals of design thinking, combined with intuition, industry trends, and principles of human psychology as a strategy for problem solving, continuous ideation, and innovation within our industry.

4. BAKER Associates

BAKER is an independent brand strategy and design firm known for exceptional and award-winning creative. They have transformed some of the world’s largest brands into the powerhouses they are today: Nabisco’s Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers, General Mills Cereals (Cheerios, Lucky Charms to name a few), Wrigley’s 5 Gum, 3M Scotch Brand Tape, Hormel Black Label Bacon, Bauer Hockey and many more. The value of their services has been successfully benchmarked by the most rigorous procurement systems in the industry, as evidenced by the number of long-standing client and project relationships they enjoy. BAKER has a stellar track record of managing complex projects from meeting deadlines to driving the overall design strategy, master brand architecture, creative and production processes.

5. Left Hand Design

With hundreds of breweries opening nationwide every year the competition is stiff. The foundation of your branding is crucial to the success and longevity of your business. Queue up Left Hand Design in Austin, Texas. We’ve been in the game since 2004 and our process is thorough, yet simple. You can count on us for your logo and branding, web design, package design, marketing materials, tap handles, t-shirts and the list goes on and on. Our founder and lead designer Beau Morrow defines breweries as his ‘dream clients’. The first beer is on you, but the rest will be on us.

6. Lien Design

Lien Design creates from the belief that their award-winning design isn’t merely about a “pretty package,” but that it results from a strategic examination of the target audience and competition. A product's first impression greatly influences the consumers purchasing decision, and we take this fact into account on every design. Beverage label design has always been a specialty at Lien Design. That's why O’Sullivan Brothers Brewing hired them – for their expertise and creativity. They were able to design a brand that represented the family's values as well as creating a strong label that stands out on the shelf.

7. Bast, LLC

Bäst is a global creative design and strategy agency. They enable brands to evolve and scale by creating continuity through visualization, socialization, content creation and execution. By revealing product and service virtues, they deliver a uniquely superior experience. It's all about elevating brands and increasing engagement. They work with companies and organizations large and small, and have the ability to scale services without scaling overhead. Some of our clients are AT&T, Harvard Business School, MIT, Purina, Bally Gaming, National Geographic, Conservation International, Hewlett-Packard, Micron, St. Luke's, CAT, StatPADS, WTA, SAP, Smith Sport Optics, Carrera, Peak Learning, Laird Technology, Boblbee Sweden, Jackson Family Food, Cliff Walker, Pearson Learning, Nuance, Peak Learning, Bight Gear, Sun Valley Company, UPZ Hardboots, Sawtooth Brewery and Stoup Brewing.

8. cleansheet communications

Cleansheet Communications is located in the heart of Toronto and is led by two of Canada’s top industry veterans who have 11 agency-of-the-year wins between them over their 30-year career. Cleansheet is a full-service marketing and communications agency with a proven ability to create memorable and breakthrough brand platforms that inspire innovation and creativity in all who touch it. Their philosophy is to enter the process with hope and optimism and to do “Good Work with Good People.” As a result, they don’t have the biggest budgets in the world, but their work for Canadian Tire during the Sochi and Rio Olympics blew away the top global brands like McDonalds and Samsung.

9. Elmwood

Elmwood is one of the world’s most effective brand design and brand experience consultancy. We’ve won more DBA Design Effectiveness Awards than anyone else in the history of the scheme, recognition of our work’s commercial success. Elmwood offers industry-leading services in brand strategy and insight, brand identity; creative, design and activation; branded content and experience; and consulting.

10. Estudio Joplin

Estudio Joplin is a graphic design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They love branding and packaging. They have worked for brands like Royal Canin, Quilmes, Budweiser, Brahma, BGH, and others. Their hope is to provide quality designs with a sharp look at details.

11. FRW Studios

FRW Studios successfully brings ideas to life for companies locally and globally. They combine forward-thinking ideas with a sensible design approach to help clients build their brand with thoughtfulness and authenticity.

12. Gobox

Gobox is an independent advertising agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in high-end creative & effective communication campaigns. Their core skills include creative and design, video production, integrated communication, BTL & Ambient.

13. Jacob Tyler Brand & Digital Agency

Jacob Tyler Brand & Digital Agency is an integrated brand experience agency. At Jacob Tyler, they deliver creative experiences and marketing strategies that amplify your brand’s reach, breed customer loyalty, and drive business growth.

14. Juno Creative

Juno is a small team of diverse and humble creatives, specializing in branding, print and digital design. Over the past 13 years, they’ve worked with businesses of all sizes including, labels, musicians, photographers, retailers, ad agencies, restaurants, accountants, business consultants, fitness, financial planners and more, from all around the country.

15. Kate Miller Design

Integrating Kate Miller Design within the development of a business, whether that happens on day one or day 1,001, ensures that clients have an established marketing package as well as an as-needed Design Consultant. In addition, clients have a resource that can either identify intuitive processes to help you implement your marketing efforts, or connect to provide the service for you.

16. less rain

Today, people embrace companies with the customer experiences that best meet their needs. Less Rain transforms companies by designing these best-in-class experiences, driven by strong creative and rooted in the technology and strategy required for operational excellence. They combine these capabilities into a single offer, creating unified brand experiences that foster meaningful relationships with users.

17. Movidagrafica

Movidagrafica is a marketing agency in Barcelona, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. We are passionate about the creation and design of marketing strategies and tools such as Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Websites, Multimedia Content Creation, Creative Copywriting, SEO, and more. Their team has a good combination of creative, strategic, programming and interpersonal skills that makes them a strong partner when it comes to making entrepreneurial ideas come to life.

18. Murmur Creative

Murmur Creative is branding, packaging, and web agency that specializes in the food and beverage industries. Murmur’s goal is always to elevate the businesses and organizations they work with and enrich communities through their work and their relationships. They love working with like-minded organizations that believe in a holistic approach to branding and design.

19. Percept Brand Design

Percept is a design agency in Sydney. They specialize in branding, packaging design, print communications, advertising, website, and digital design. Visit their website to learn the full Percept Brand Design story. View their creative work to see the successful brands they’ve created.

20. Primer Grey

Primer Grey’s services include naming, brand identity development, go-to-market strategy, logo design, print and packaging design, and website design and development. They are small on purpose, choosing to focus our team of brand, print and digital producers on the projects that they know can drive a mutually beneficial relationship between them, their clients, and the people and causes they serve.


Simbol is made up of a team of specialized experts in various fields, from branding to web strategy (website, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing). Simbol has been collaborating with some important companies and institutions. Among them are Heineken Italy, Metroweb, Sorgenia, Wolters Kluwer. Simbol was established in 1989 in Milan, Italy and was the first ISO 9001 certificated Italian Agency. Simbol over the years has won diverse International Creative Awards.

22. Slice Design

Based in London UK, Slice Design is a branding and packaging design agency that has helped consumer brands grow and get noticed since 2004. As the name suggests, they cut through jargon with our flexible, no-nonsense approach and down to earth attitude. The benefit to clients is all the experience but with the flexibility that large packaging design agencies cannot deliver. From their studio in London, they work for clients around the world: big household names and small startups, challengers and leaders. Whether a big brand re-design, NPD launch or simple packaging updates, Slice Design is proud to remain flexible, refreshingly honest and wholly independent.

23. Strother Communications Group

Leading B2B companies and educational institutions rely on Strother Communications Group’s 25+ years-experience to solve their communications problems using public relations, media relations, web development and design, social media management and internal communications. They listen to clients’ challenges and simplify every aspect of their communications (press releases, copywriting, web, video, photography, sales support and blogging) so brands can soar.

24. Studio Linear

Studio Linear is a sister owned and operated boutique creative agency based in Maine and Minneapolis. They specialize in Branding, Print and Package Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Spatial Design. Founded in 2012 by Andrea Beaulieu, this female owned and operated business has grown organically from the ground up. Being a family owned business, they understand the importance of truly connecting with clients on a personal level so that every single client they work with feels equally as important. Studio Linear has photographers, copywriters, designers, and developers on staff and love to have fun as an agency.

25. Studiomax Design

Behind every successful branding or packaging project, there’s a smart team of creative individuals who’ve developed that great “big idea.” At StudioMax Design, they believe in quality work, simplicity, and the forging and cultivating of great relationships. They take the time to evolve and grow their skill-set to deliver the best solutions possible for clients. Their decades of experience in this industry have taught them a lot about the strategic, creative process and it is their responsibility to stay on top of this fast-paced creative world.

26. tridimage

Tridimage is the leading 3D branding, graphic design and structural packaging agency in Latin America. Its creative headquarters are located in Buenos Aires and has account managers in Mexico, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Tridimage's reputation attracts the attention of both established and emerging companies operating in Latin America, the US, and Europe. Tridimage has worked in more than 30 countries in the world, carrying out more than 7000 projects. Tridimage designs have won six Pentawards awards, three Vertex Awards, seven A' Design, Ameristar, Seal of Good Design, POPAI, Estrella del Sur and Pack Andina.

27. Trig

Trig is an innovation consulting, product design, and marketing firm that offers comprehensive insight-to-commercialization services for start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Based in Chapel Hill, the Trig team can be found in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Richmond, Virginia.

28. Weight Creative

Weight Creative Communications Agency harnesses the power of design skills combined with academic expertise. Founded in 2014 in Vancouver B.C., Canada by Sarah Turton and Sheldon Stenning, Weight Creative is the product of two decades of collective experience and a proven track record of delivering serious results. Sarah and Sheldon believe that when companies refine and stay true to their mission, they will surpass their goals. Weight Creative builds thoughtful, holistic and insight-driven creative strategies to help them get there.

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