The Cassata Foundation Awards $5000 in Scholarship Grants to High School Seniors

Huntington, NY, June 20, 2019 — The Cassata Foundation recently presented their Scholarship Grants to several High School Students from the Half Hollow School District Hills West Awards Ceremony.

The grants were presented by Rosario Cassata, President and Trustee of the Cassata Foundation, to three High School Seniors.

The Academic Award was presented to Kyle Wiblishauser, The Educating Children with Disabilities Award was presented to both Dani Alper and Jordyn Hershman and The Anti-Bullying Leadership Award was presented to Julia Jassey.

The Cassata Foundation is a Nonprofit Family Foundation (IRS 501 (c) (3) that personally supports and donates to many national and local causes and organizations, as well as provides grants, scholarships and individual gifts to those that are in need.

“I am truly and personally compassionate in helping children and young adults who may be less fortunate than others whether it be financially, academically, or physically,” said Rosario Cassata.

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