Fagun Thakrar speaking at the Fagun Foundation gathering in London


Critically acclaimed British actress, writer-director, and activist Fagun Thakrar’s non-profit organization, the Fagun Foundation commenced the year with an uplifting gathering for women and girls. The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls to overcome barriers in their educational, professional and personal lives. The organization is unique in the way it uses the transformative power of creativity and the arts as a means of empowerment. The Foundation currently has an international presence, operating throughout several different countries including the US, UK, East Africa and India.

The foundation was built on the belief that there is transformative power in creativity to overcome barriers caused by learning difficulties, poor education, financial instability and other obstacles. Since childhood, Fagun has experienced personal transformation through creativity, using it to take her from school through to studying Medicine at University College London and on to her Masters degrees. Now she uses creativity in all aspects of her professional life. As an actress Fagun has starred opposite Brie Larson, Martin Sheen and Donald Sutherland, and is currently directing a feature film on neuroscience and meditation.

The team of trained creative practitioners and mentors at the Fagun Foundation offer a unique variety of arts-oriented programs covering multiple disciplines, across the visual, literary and performing arts. Building on the momentum that has developed since the establishment of the Fagun Foundation, the foundation will be holding a series of forthcoming global events throughout 2019.

This year holds tremendous scope for the Fagun Foundation’s overall growth throughout the globe. For more information about the foundation, visit the Fagun Foundation website at

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