LOS ANGELES, CA, August 28, 2018 — Melody Trice, host of The Melody Trice Show is thrilled to announce Gold Collagen, Krismark Hand Creams, The B+B Company, and Cordelia's House of Treasures as affiliate sponsors for the 5th season of her show to present products to Hollywood celebrities who interview as guests on the show. “I am excited to be heading into my 5th season with the show and to have these companies on-board as product sponsors,” said Melody.

The Melody Trice Show is a massively daytime cable talk show reaching 1.9 million viewers, attracting a young multicultural audience between the ages of 18-49 and can be seen on Comcast Cable, AT&T U-verse, Arroyo TV, Spectrum, Frontier, Giggle Fiber, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, and Verizon. The show covers topics in Entertainment, Business, Health, Tech, Music, Beauty, Consumer Trends, and Careers with a presence in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Long Beach, Monrovia, Duarte, San Francisco, San Bernardino, and the Berkeley area. In addition, the show covers red carpet events, movie premieres, and award shows in and around Los Angeles.

On June 14, 2018, “Melody Trice Television” was launched alongside industry heavyweights Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The channel is streaming on ROKU devices for free and is now available to watch 24/7 around the world, reaching millions of viewers via the internet powered web TV box. “I'm excited to be on the ROKU web TV box because my goal with this show is to bring in-depth, real-life situations to my viewers everywhere in the world,” said Melody. There is no subscription fee for the channel and you can add Melody Trice Television on your ROKU tv here: https://channelstore.roku.com/details/231474/melody-trice-television

Melody Trice Television will feature show topics including:

TV Everywhere, features topics from around the world.
Fashion Corner, features all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture.
Entertainment Events, features red carpet events, movie premieres, behind the scene with your favorite celebrities.
Spirit and Body, features experts and tips in health, fitness, wellness, wealth, body, soul and spirit.
Youth Zone, features kids under 18 in music, film, television, sports, and more.
Education, features experts in education, business, finance, and more.

A passion for Japan and a curiosity about the ancient traditions of the country were the starting points for Tony Sanguinetti, founder and Managing Director of MINERVA Research Labs Ltd. Whilst on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, Tony became fascinated by the Japanese reverence of women in their art of beauty. He noticed that a holistic skincare approach was key to their youthful appearance and that taking collagen drinks to supplement their diet was an essential part of their daily beauty regimes. From this trip the idea was born of offering, to the Western market, a product that encompasses the Japanese secret to youthful radiant skin. By leveraging Japanese as well as European expertise, the goal was to create a liquid beauty supplement that contains collagen, anti-oxidants and other active ingredients to nourish and care for the skin. From the research laboratories of MINERVA and the wisdom of Japan came GOLD COLLAGEN®, a new generation skincare solution that works from within to promote beautiful and younger looking skin. To find out more visit www.minervalabs.com

Krismark Hand Creams are made with red palm Oil and Shea Butter. It started in 1988, when a small company was formed to import cosmetics from Europe. The cosmetics were made with Shea Butter. In 1994 the import of cosmetics gave birth to a local manufacturing unit in Woodridge, NY. and KRISMARK was born. Krismark has used Shea Butter as a base and added other exotic oils such as Palm Oil. We continue to use organic ingredients and other essential oils without mineral oil or petrolatum. We continue to scout the remnants of the rainforest in Africa, looking for other plants beneficial to us and through our R&D team, roll out products. We have sold to The Cosmetics Center, Cosmetics Plus, Rickys NYC, Cambridge Chemists and continue to sell to Hair salons, Pharmacies and cosmetics stores. We sell online through our website as well as other major online retailers such as Amazon. To find our more visit www.krismark.com

Tony & Josh Breeden, Co-Founders, b+b® Pain Relief with Heart.

Tony Breeden – Received his undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations at Roanoke College in Virginia. He also has an MBA from the University of Tennessee and a Law degree from the University of Tennessee with a focus on consumer false advertising law.

Josh Breeden – Runs a consulting, sales and supply chain support company for current or potential Walmart vendors. He has a business degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Born from a desire by two brothers to be a part of the healthcare solution. b+b® is a family‐owned health and wellness company that offers the most popular over the counter pain relief medications with one especially meaningful benefit – for every product purchased, b+b® donates to a network of over 1000 free health clinics and rural health centers serving 5 million patients in need. The Breedens grew up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. At the height of the recession in 2009, Tony co‐founded Ole Smoky Moonshine and Whiskey to help put the good people of Appalachia Tennessee back to work and, in the process, try to preserve the craft of whiskey‐making unique to the hills of Tennessee. After the incredible success of Ole Smoky, Tony and Josh were driven to find another venture to help those in need. Learning how health insurance was becoming less attainable to many, and understanding the pressure put on free health clinics and rural health centers across the U.S. to provide basic OTC medicines, Tony and Josh saw this opportunity b+b® was born. To find out more visit www.bbcompany.com

'Cordelia's House of Treasures pride ourselves on sourcing and offering stunning gifts from the best of British designers and brands. With occasions such as Birthdays, Christenings, Christmas, and collections for women, children, babies, wedding favours and so on, we have even selected various beautiful wrapping paper and greetings cards to make that gift even more special and offer you a more convenient shopping experience.' To find our more visit https://cordeliashouseoftreasures.co.uk/

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