Be Well. LIve Well. Do Well.

We started the site with a simple purpose— help people be well, live well and do well through marijuana.


Three Wells, the first and only cannabis-focused web site specifically curated for older adults, launched today.

As a premium online destination, Three Wells demystifies the exciting new world of marijuana and helps those of us 50-ish and older to navigate these unfamiliar waters. Guided by a team of cannabis experts and doctors, all of them a little older themselves, Three Wells curates and simplifies credible marijuana information, provides trusted facts about effective products and how to use them; and makes it easy to connect with reputable marijuana retailers and medical professionals.

According to Three Wells’ CMO, “Now that we’re a little older we’re at a different point in our lives and we want different things from marijuana than when we were in college. Our site is tailored for those of us that are well beyond our college years; its for the more sophisticated person looking for honest and trustworthy guidance on the medical and recreational use of marijuana that’s relevant to where we are in life.”

Three Wells’ CEO added: “I’ve been using cannabis for years for relief from of a variety of ailments, and for enjoyment, but it’s always been so hard to get trusted information about the plant that was tailored to how it affects me at my age. So we started the site with a simple purpose—to help people at our age be well, live well and do well through the safe, enjoyable and intelligent consumption of marijuana.”

Three Wells highlights that 92% of adults 50-ish and over are taking some sort of medication for an ailment to help them feel better; and those same adults control over 51% of discretionary spending in the U.S.—money to spend bringing comfort and joy to their lives. Yet, no one, except Three Wells, is dedicated to making sure they have the trusted products, information and services curated specifically so they can benefit from using marijuana in pleasant, safe and intelligent ways.

To ensure our visitors get the maximum benefit and enjoyment out of marijuana, Three Wells also works closely with brands, dispensaries and doctors to redefine and innovate how they can better serve the mature and more sophisticated consumer.

About Three Wells
Three Wells is the first and only website dedicated to enabling those of us that are, shall we say, grown-ups to be well, live well and do well through the safe, pleasurable and intelligent consumption of marijuana. We do this by demystifying the new world of marijuana—after all, today’s marijuana isn’t anything like when we were in college. Three Wells curates trusted marijuana information, locates safe and enjoyable products; and then makes it easy to connect with reputable marijuana retailers and medical professionals. All of this in a single website led by a team of grown-ups.
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