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“The Critical Relationship: Our Relationship with God behind Closed Doors”: a rejuvenating call for genuine spiritual intimacy. “The Critical Relationship” is the creation of published author Tim Lozier, a graduate of Appalachian Bible College with double degrees in the Bible and youth and family ministries; he is from New York and actively participates in several church ministries.

Lozier shares, “In many ways, religion and relationships go hand in hand. Truthfully,
they affect each other, for what you believe will affect who you have relationships with and who you have relationships with will affect what you believe. Every person has dozens of relationships—good, bad, or indifferent— and everyone has a religion, which is a set of beliefs that they follow. In that set of beliefs, relationships play a key role and many times will define what you believe. But I believe that there is one critical relationship that will define your life, and determine where you will spend eternity. This relationship or lack of a relationship is with the creator of the earth and everything in it. It is because I long for this relationship with God that I pick up the pen to write. I have grown up in the church all my life, attended and graduated Bible College, and still I know something is missing. Christianity cannot be just a set of rules to follow, for if it is then it is no different than any of the other religions of the day. I firmly believe that Christianity is a relationship with God that should define what rules/religion you live out in your everyday life.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tim Lozier’s new book is a straight-talking practical guide for putting God first and center, where he belongs.

Lozier invites the reader to shun the pretenses and view the Christian religion honestly and the critical relationship inherent in it.

View a synopsis of “The Critical Relationship: Our Relationship with God behind Closed Doors” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “The Critical Relationship: Our Relationship with God behind Closed Doors” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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