As one of the largest and most diverse online broadcasting outlets in Texas, K-MAC Sports has spent nearly 15 years covering nine sports categories at hundreds of high schools and colleges across the state, as well as select semi-pro and professional sports events. The company's coverage includes live, online:

  • game analysis
  • commentary
  • interviews
  • talk shows

“VYPE Media focuses on the development of student players, school team marketing, and the connection of fans to brands in local communities,” said Bert Emanuel, VYPE Media Chief Marketing Officer and former NFL player. “VYPE Media's K-MAC acquisition is a major enhancement to our media platform that takes our existing youth sports promotions programs to the next level by going live, on air with color commentary.”

The K-MAC acquisition supports VYPE Media's rapid expansion into the growing high school and youth sports market. The addition of real-time streaming commentary builds on the strength of VYPE Media's print, film and digital sports reporting flagship, VYPE Magazine.

“We're energized to join the VYPE Media platform, which will give our formidable network of players, fans and sponsors improved access to in-depth sports coverage, content and statistics associated with the VYPE brand,” said Chuck Licata, Cofounder and President of K-MAC Sports. Licata will continue to serve as lead broadcaster along with K-MAC's existing employee base.

About VYPE Media

VYPE Media, headquartered in Houston, Tex., provides exclusive content and services for high school and youth sports. With unique approaches to the promotion of student athletics, VYPE Media engages local communities of players, teams, coaches, families and fans and develops student athletes, helps schools improve success rates, and provides compelling opportunities for advertisers and sponsors.


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