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The WISH/WISE Foundation is committed to supporting hundreds of students every year to realize their dreams, which we accomplish by partnering with organizations such as College to Congress and the University of Kentucky.


The WISE/WISE Foundation, in partnership with Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH), recognized two up and coming programs at a recent DC reception. The honorees, the University of Kentucky’s WilDCats at the Capitol and College to Congress, both received “Internships Change Lives Awards” from the newly launched WISH/WISE Foundation. The WilDCats at the Capitol is a new program supported by the Office of the President of the University of Kentucky. College to Congress has expanded its DC footprint in only its second year.

“DC internships are crucial to college students’ ability to pursue a rewarding career after graduation. The WISH/WISE Foundation is committed to supporting hundreds of students every year to realize their dreams, which we accomplish by partnering with organizations such as College to Congress and the University of Kentucky,” said Hon. Jacqueline Lewis, founder of WISH and founder of the WISE/WISE Foundation. “The WilDCats at the Capitol and College to Congress deserve to be supported by our Foundation to ensure every student, from every demographic, has the opportunity to experience an internship in Washington DC.”

Chris Crumrine, representing the WilDCats at the Capitol, received the foundation’s “Internships Change Lives Award” and WISH/WISE foundation check. During its first year, the WilDCats had 13 students in the spring, eight in the summer and seven in the fall semester.

“When the University of Kentucky identified a goal to expand and enhance its internship offerings in Washington, DC, we knew that facilitating safe, affordable, and high-quality housing would be an extraordinary benefit to our students. WISH has been an exceptional partner throughout the launch of our program,” said Associate Professor Tiffany Barnes with the University of Kentucky. “The generous support and award from WISH/WiSE acknowledges not only the UK students participating in the program, but the success and importance of partnership between UK and WISH/WiSE. Their support for our program will ensure financial need is not a barrier to an internship in our nation’s capital, and help our students succeed in an immersive learning experience that will prepare them for the future.”

Audrey Henson, founder of College to Congress, accepted the “Internships Change Lives Award”. Henson’s College to Congress actively works towards the goal of making internships attainable to students despite their economic status or political connections. In their second year, College to Congress has grown from seven students to 13. They fund the full internship experience removing the barriers that so many face.

“My internship in Congress changed the trajectory of my life, but it almost didn't happen. Washington, DC is an extremely expensive city which makes it out of reach for many students. That is exactly why I created College to Congress to open doors for low-income students to work on the hill,” said Audrey Henson, founder of College to Congress. “I am very grateful for the WISE Foundation award for our work and I am proud to partner with them to make these internships more accessible for all students.”

WISH’s mission is to:

1)    Provide DC housing at no more cost than campus housing and
2)    Provide internship opportunities outside the college campus to as many students as possible, regardless of income, through scholarships.

Jacqueline Lewis established the WISH/ WiSE Foundation to help achieve that mission.


For over 25 years, WISH has been the leading intern housing and residential life services provider in Washington DC. WISH works with Colleges and Universities around the world to provide thousands of DC interns student housing for the terms needed whether it be fall, spring, summer or all year. Faculty housing, classrooms, conference rooms, and reception room are all available for WISH residents’ needs. For more information go to


The WISH/WiSE Foundation was created to help make internships in the nation’s capital attainable to all students despite economic challenges. The Foundation makes scholarships available so that schools can increase their internship program enrollments allowing those students to take part. For more information contact Jean-Marie Leonard at [email protected]

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