World Canna Health is bringing its exclusive Cannabinologer™ training to Texas. The training covers cannabis science, medicine and cultivation. It is designed for persons entering the cannabis or CBD business and health professionals.

Press Release updated: Jun 21, 2019 13:45 EDT

IRVING, Texas, June 21, 2019 ( – Texas is the latest state to move towards less restrictive cannabis laws. With the passage of HB 1325, hemp cultivation will become a Texas reality. A huge business opportunity has been created in hemp farming and CBD sales in Texas. Locals are clamoring to learn how best to take advantage of this new industry that has created millionaires in other states.

World Canna Health, which promotes cannabis education and business is bringing its exclusive Cannabinologer™ training to Texas. World Canna Health, trains and certifies people to understand cannabinoids, their effective use and benefits. Additionally, a Master Cannabinologer™ learns the basics of hemp cultivation from which the cannabinoids are extracted. Those who hold the title Master Cannabinologer™ are best prepared to lead in the cannabis industry and are most knowledgeable to dispense cannabis information to consumers.

The exclusive full-day training is provided by nationally recognized and practicing cannabis medical doctors and a cultivation and dispensary expert, who has founded and operated licensed dispensaries in two states and operated large cannabis growth operations.

World Canna Health Vice President Gigi Ellis stated, “We’re thrilled to bring our Cannabinologer™ training to Texas and be part of the Lucky Leaf Expo, the largest cannabis expo in Texas. Texas is going to be an incredible market for hemp cultivators and CBD products and our whole team is excited to meet and work with future Texas cannabis leaders.”

The first Texas Cannabinologer™ training will take place at the big Lucky Leaf Expo at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas in September 2019. A revolutionary educational and networking opportunity.

More information and registration is available online at 

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