The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that “we should actively deal with the aging of the population, build a policy system and social environment for providing for the aged, filial piety and respect for the elderly, promote the combination of medical care and support, and accelerate the development of undertakings and industries for the aged.” The spirit of the 19th National Congress has injected new vitality into the development of Yanda International Health City.

The author learned that Yanda Golden Times Health Care Center is affiliated to Yanda International Health City, located in the eastern Yanjiao of Beijing, only across a river from the Beijing city’s sub-center. The health city consists of five major sections: Yanda Hospital, Yanda Rehabilitation Center, Yanda Care Center, Yanda Medical Research Institute, and Yanda Medical Training Institute. Among them, the Yanda Care Center has 10,000 beds, which will be constructed in two phases. The 2,300 beds for elder care of the Care Center Phase I have been fully occupied, and 98 % of the residents are the Beijing-registered elderly. The 8,000 beds of the Care Center Phase II have now been completed and are about to launch, and will be ready for admission on October 1.

Under the national strategy of Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Beijing and Hebei have taken Yanda International Health City as a pilot program. In October 2016, the civil affairs authorities of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei jointly issued a document, and Yanda Care Center was dubbed as “pilot project of coordinated development of elder care services of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei”. In January and February 2017, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) successively issued documents, and Yanda Hospital was dubbed as a “medical institution for direct settlement of cardholders of the Insured from Beijing”. In May 2017, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a document stating that Yanda Hospital was dubbed as “a designated medical institution for direct settlement of inter-provincial and off-site hospitalization medical expenses for the first phase of basic medical insurance”. In December 2017, Yanda Care Center was selected by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Aging Office as “the first batch of typical cases for the development of the national pension service industry to serve as a model for the industry and be promoted nationwide.” Since 2014, Yanda Hospital has established close cooperation with Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Tiantan Hospital, Children’s Hospital affiliated to Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital and Peking Union Medical College Hospital. All these have laid a solid foundation for Yanda Care Center to implement elder care service mode of combined medication, care and rehabilitation.


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has taken the elder care, filial piety and respect for the elderly as an important part of “Healthy China” and raised them to the national strategic level. At present, China has entered a period of rapid development of aging population, which has become a serious social problem in China.

Yanda Care Center’s implementation of the elder care service model of combined medication, care and rehabilitation can be used for reference and promotion. The author learned through interviews and research that first, the aging population in China poses a huge challenge to the already tight medical resources. With the growth of age, people’s body functions are aging and senile diseases are frequent. Many elderly people live in hospitals most of the time. However, the fact is that a considerable number of hospitalized elderly people are already in the recovery phase, while long-term hospitalization occupies the limited and precious medical resources, and further exacerbates the problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor. Second, because the old people’s physical functions declines and their physical activities decrease, causing secondary functional decline, the rehabilitation training for the old people is to prevent and treat senile diseases. It is an important link to maintain health. Rehabilitation training has dual functions of prevention and treatment for senile diseases or morbidity. Therefore, it is of great significance for Yanda Care Center to implement the elder care service mode of combined medication, care and rehabilitation.

Through in-depth field interviews, Yanda Care Center is equipped with two types of elder nursing care: hotel-type and household-type, i.e. the semi-self-care and non-self-care elderly are arranged according to the hotel-type elder care bed ( i.e. ward-type ). For the self-care elderly, they are set up as home-based elder care beds. The residences are all of fine decoration, equipped with furniture, household appliances and various living facilities, so as to achieve the effects of comfort and suitable aging. The sky rail shift and life support system set up in the hotel-style elder care residence provide convenient and high-quality services for semi-self-care and non-self-care elderly to stand, walk, recover, bathe, go to the toilet, outdoor activities, bathe in sunshine and take care of their life. The information system set up has formed a perfect platform for the aged. It has set up databases, intelligent flat terminals and intelligent cards to provide health management, intelligent positioning, emergency calls, electronic fences, intelligent ordering, various kinds of activity appointments, checking various kinds of credit and other services for the elderly. The intelligent mattress, remote sensing monitoring system and other systems for the semi-self-care and non-self-care elderly carry out 24-hour monitoring on the body indicators of the elderly suffering from high-risk diseases. When the body indicators are abnormal, remote sensing monitoring and automatic alarm can get timely help from medical staff, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents or sudden death.


The functions of Yanda Care Center for the elderly include: community health service center, geriatric rehabilitation department, geriatric university, large-scale nutrition restaurant, various special restaurants, simulated golf hall, movie theater, fitness club, chess and card room, library, bank, large supermarket, vegetable market, hot spring swimming pool, teahouse, coffee shop, fresh flower shop, pastry shop, dry cleaning shop, beauty salon, bilingual kindergarten, sunshine plantation room, activity room of CPC members, etc. The churches available include Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity and Islam.

The community health service center set up by Yanda Hospital is equipped with doctors for the elderly: brain doctors, cardiologists, orthopedic doctors, gynecologists, psychologists, general practitioners and traditional Chinese medicine doctors. Experts of Yanda Hospital make regular visits to community health service centers to provide medical services for the elder residents, and according to their physical conditions and the radius of medical services, health care doctors are provided for the elderly residents. For the chronic diseases and common diseases of the elder residents, the assigned health care doctors provide on-site diagnosis and treatment services. For the serious illness, major illness and diseases beyond the treatment capacity of the community health service center, patients will be referred to Yanda Hospital that opens a green channel for treatment services. The community health service center also regularly conducts routine medical examinations and health assessments for the elderly residents, and establishes health records respectively to carry out health management.

The department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics provides the elderly with various therapists for brain rehabilitation, heart and lung function rehabilitation, heart rehabilitation, limb rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation as well as various rehabilitation services for the elderly. Based on the physical condition of the elderly, the sports rehabilitation therapist will formulate a customized sports regimen to enable the resident exercise in scientific and healthy manner, and allow the resident with old-age diseases to recover his/her health as soon as possible so as to realize a healthy and long life and a happy mood.

The activity room for CPC party members is set up for the elderly to hold organizational life for the old party members and various activities to enable the old party members to remain true to their original aspirations and to love the party and the country, and continue to care about the cause of the party and the state. In addition, other functions available in Yanda Care Center provide residents with various cultural and recreational activities and amenities.


The medical, rehabilitation, life care and cultural and entertainment services provided by Yanda Care Center for the elderly enable Yanda Care Center to truly realize the elder care mode of combined medication, care and rehabilitation, make the old people at home and secure, and realize that they have a sense of security, a sense of happiness, and a good golden times.

The author believes that with the increasing aging of China’s population and continuous progress of society, what the elderly want is not only simple needs for nursing care, but high-quality and humanistic needs for caring services. The old-age service mode of combined medication, care and rehabilitation in Yanda Care Center can not only promote the development of the elder care service in the country, but also play an exemplary role.

The to-be-launched 8,000 beds for elder care of Yanda Golden Times Health Care Center, which is only across the river from the Beijing sub-center, will play a role in relieving Beijing’s non-capital functions and pressure on the elder care, which is commendable and should be encouraged.

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