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Trial lawyer Jason Webster, founder and principal attorney of The Webster Law Firm, recently filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Harris County, Texas (Case No. 201764096) on behalf of his clients (plaintiffs) whose home located within the Painted Meadows Subdivision in La Marque, Texas, was flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

The defendants in the case are Texas New Mexico Power Company, D. Grimm Incorporated, and Mesa Line Services, LLC. According to court documents, the defendants are part of a construction project in La Marque near the Junemann Bayou. Defendants were responsible for instituting and employing a rain event action plans and stormwater pollution prevention plans that affect rain and/or stormwater runoff and/or diversion with respect to the Junemann Bayou. The bayou adjoins the Painted Meadows Subdivision.

Prior to Hurricane Harvey making landfall, news sources warned the public of the dangers and expected downpour. Before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the defendants allegedly knew and/or should have known of the impending rain event and effects of the storm would create on the construction site where they were working the Painted Meadows Subdivision if drainage and stormwater runoff were compromised. The defendants allegedly failed to properly secure and/or safeguard wooded mats used to form a road for heavy equipment to travel the bayou that adjoins the Painted Meadows Subdivision prior to the commencement of the rain event.

Court documents allege that the defendants had placed the mats off-site, and they became lodged against the drainage ports in the Junemann Bayou. This allegedly prevented the proper drainage of and/or causing the stormwater to back up and flood homes in the Painted Meadows Subdivision, including the plaintiffs’ home. Some of the homes were completely ruined.

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