Bigg Boss Tamil became a most popular TV show at the moment and it also became the talk of many cities there. The show has reached its 4th week successfully getting a huge response from its audience. Most of the people are eagerly polling their Bigg Boss Tamil votes online as well as via missed calls.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 4 Elimination

Nominees for week 4 eliminations are Oviya, Namitha and Ganesh Venkatraman. Oviya was already nominated for the elimination before and she got people support with so many votes and able to continue as a contestant in the Bigg Boss. Based on the online poll services and other sources, Namitha will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house tonight.

According to the Cover365 based on today’s Bigg Boss Tamil vote and the result, Oviya will get a maximum number of votes and Ganesh will also survive as a Bigg Boss contestant. Namitha is the one who will get a minimum number of votes today and gets eliminated from the show.

Who will win the Bigg Boss title and to whom you polled your vote? Comment on this page below and share the result in Facebook and Twitter to support Oviya.


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