As Kamal Haasan state in this Sunday episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, a new contestant is being welcomed in yesterday’s episode. Suja Varunee (Sujatha Naidu), Settai and Kidaari movie fame is the new contestant in the house. Other inmates welcomed her, she has been entered into the house with music via rope from the top of the house and surprised the contestants as well as the audience.

After the exit of Oviya, Vijay TV almost lost its TRP by at least 50% as people stopped watching the show after good characters like Oviya, Bharani being eliminated from the house for no reasons. A couple of weeks ago, Bindhu Madhavi entered into the house as a wild card entry, but still, TRP of the show remains low. So they decided to give entry to one more female contestant to see if there is any effect in TRP. But Oviya army is very solid with their decisions, they won’t watch Bigg Boss unless they get Oviya back into the house.

Suja Varunee New Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant

So, Vijay TV is in talks with Oviya and Bharani to enter as a wild card contestant into the house again. For week 8 eliminations, Gayathri and Raiza were nominated openly by all the contestants. it is almost confirmed, Gayu will be evicted this week as Raiza has more fan base than Gayathri Raghuram. Bigg Boss voting will be completed this Friday night 12 PM. If you are still to cast your vote, use your 50 votes per day and save your contestant. Also, Cover365 conducts a private Bigg Boss Vote online polling for Tamil show to predict the winners.

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