From physical media to digital content, the vehicles for music consumption have evolved rapidly and dramatically. Today, fans have instant, on demand access to millions of songs through multiple streaming platforms, and yet “Artist received just 12 percent of the $43 billion in sales generated from their work in the U.S. last year,” according to a report Monday by Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C). According to the report fan spending generated more than $20 billion last year, for subscriptions, CDs, and concert tickets. The growing popularity of streaming services like Spotify (SPOT) and Apple (AAPL) has boosted record label sales, but also reduced their role in distributing and marketing music.

Experience what’s next… Beatstoc

What if you could buy, sell, and trade PoP’s (Pieces of PoPularity) of your favorite Music Artist? Beatstoc is an exclusive experience platform that sells Pieces of an artist’s Popularity (PoP’s) to their most loyal fans. Beatstoc empowers PoP holders on the platform to have a direct role in the music they listen to by experiencing a closer connection to their favorite artist through FanVesting. Those PoP’s act as season tickets providing exclusive engagement and experiences with your favorite artist.

Beatstoc… how it works

Artists offer a limited number of annually renewable PoP’s (Pieces of Popularity) through an IFO (Initial Fan Offering) to their fans -> Fans purchase PoP’s through the IFO’s of their favorite artists.

This creates a new royalty for artists based on their popularity -> Fans participate in the popularity experience of artists.

This new royalty supports the artist’s ability to create new content and experiences for exclusive release on the Beatstoc platform -> Fans receive access to experiences such as; new music releases, private concerts, live streaming events, and much more only found on the Beatstoc platform.

This royalty also supports real world change through Beatstoc Foundation, a non-profit platform that unites the influence of the music industry with the philanthropy of global organizations. Five percent of every PoP sale is designated to a cause of the artist’s choice.

Now what if you could invest early, guaranteeing your spot for the next big thing?


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