Amazon has received very good response from different cities across North America to host its second headquarters. The company informed recently that over 238 cities from 54 states and different districts across North America have shown interest in this proposal. This is not at all surprising considering the fact that its earlier headquarters has generated a great deal of revenue for Seattle.

The company had recently announced that it is planning for a second headquarters that is likely to bring in about 5 billion dollar investment for the construction of the facilities. Along with that, the facility is also likely to create nearly 50,000 jobs in the high paying category.

The company has also made it clear that the second headquarters will be on par with the earlier headquarters that is based in Seattle campus.

The new headquarters is being called HQ2 by the company and it estimates that the earlier investment made in Seattle from the year 2010 until the year 2016 has brought over 38 billion dollars to the economy of the city. This has boosted the confidence among other provinces to pitch for the proposal and prominent personalities from major cities are trying to extend their interest in this proposal.


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