Amazon is dominating the new growth markets. The ad business of the company is growing like anything. The leading Wall Street firm, JP Morgan & Co. says that it is expecting the growth of the internet advertising business of the online giant company to increase exponentially. They believe that Amazon can become $1 trillion company soon.

J.P. Morgan says that the great rating that it gives Amazon shares feeling that the company will enjoy strong growth in the online advertising business. There is no doubt that Amazon is a leader in the e-commerce platform. Amazon is also doing all it can to stay on top of the ladder by investing in all major growth opportunities.

Doug Anmuth, the analyst, says that the Amazon prices will see a steady increase. Amazon has 42 percent share in the e-commerce business. But, it has only 10 percent share in the online advertising business in the United States. Facebook and Google dominate the internet advertising market at present. Amazon will turn out to be a major force in the online advertising market and could pose serious threats to these online giants.

Anmuth predicts that the online advertising business of Amazon will help in better sales growth for the company.


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