There are many companies in the USA are turning to child care in a bid to get rid of the labor woes that they are facing. There is a serious need to educate the next generation of employees of the US corporations. There are more parents that are joining the corporate workforce. This is why businesses want to tap their children when they are very young.

The brain development takes place during the first 60 months of a child’s life. They need to be tapped young and early to teach them the etiquettes of business and corporates. Mixing of business with childhood education can help the corporates to stay competitive.

One of the main reasons why employers are looking to start day care facilities for young toddlers is to get their employees to come to work. They do not have to worry about the child’s care. This is a big return on investment for the employers.

There is a chance for a good boost to the economic development for investment in early childhood. Quality child care options are lacking. There are even certain families looking to plan their childbirth around the time of the opening of a new child care center.


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