The CNBC All-America Economic Survey (AAES) polled 800 adults all across the nation.

This happened for the first time in the last 11 years that more than half of the respondents participated in the survey rated the economy of country as either good or excellent.

Among the sample forty-one percent respondents expect, the economy of the country will improve in the next year, and it will reach near a record.

41 percent of respondent response was job Trump is doing as president, up 4 points from the survey of September; on the other hand 49 percent disapprove, down 3 points.

American optimism on the economy is reaching new heights and President Donald Trump’s approval ratings look to be benefiting, at least somewhat.

“We are not measuring a marginal change in the economy; instead we are measuring a different economy,” said Micah Roberts Public Opinion Strategies, who is also the Republican pollster for the survey. The poll of 800 adults all over the nation, with a margin of 33.5 percentage points error. The survey was conducted /on 10th to 13th of Dec. 10-13 by the firm name Democratic pollster Hart Research (DPHR).


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