There is a wide range of US businesses that China would target if there is an escalation of the trade conflict with the United States. It could target businesses like agriculture, autos, semiconductors, aircraft and also services.

The trade conflict between the two most powerful economies of the world has been growing steadily.

The US President Donald Trump is looking to impose around 60 million dollars on some Chinese imports. This has not gone well with Beijing. They have retaliated by saying that they would collect duties of up to 3 billion dollars on the US imports. China has urged the US to reconsider the tariff imposition.

The trade envoy of Trump has said that China would be given 60 days before the tariffs are imposed on the Chinese goods. He also said that it would take many years for the trading relationship to be in a better place between the two Nations.

There is news that the Chinese premier Li Keqiang is ready to have dialogues with the US, but they are also fully prepared with countermeasures if the US imposes heavy tariffs on Chinese goods.

There would be tougher measures like restriction on import of your services be taken up by the Chinese if the Trump administration blocks the Chinese investment in the US.


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