The business ethics training is not a key feature in many of the leading business schools in the country. This could be a thing of the past as there are many top U.S. business schools coming forward to teach on business ethics through the MBA programs.

This will be a new learning curve for the next crop of business leaders. They will get enough time to take part in business ethics coursework. Their professors will be carrying out case studies, other exercises and simulations to grab their attention on the importance of business ethics. This will give guidance to their students to have a real-life perspective of what to do and what not to do in business.

The corrupt leadership is a cause for concern in many U.S. firms. Three business schools want to change the business class environment in the country. The schools are the Yale School of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and NYU Stern School of Business.

The Yale School insists that one elective of their MBA program that students must definitely enroll is the one that focuses on ethical and societal challenges in the business world. The NYU Stern School has a business and human rights center that offers plenty of courses, classes, and research on business ethics. The Stanford school makes sit compulsory for its students to take part in Ethics in Management course.


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