Google has announced innovative plans for creating flexible buildings that even attempts to mitigate the weather. It is called Quayside and will be built on the eastern waterfront of Toronto. The project is a joint venture of the Government of Canada along with the company Sidewalk Labs, which is a subsidiary of Google.

Sidewalk Labs said that this will bring together the best of urban design along with digital technology to improve sustainability and bring in more affordability and economic opportunity to the people.

The interesting feature of this design is the way in which the company is trying to impact the local weather conditions. It is likely to have awnings that will block rain along with a different physical structure that can block wind during the winter season. However, they can be removed during the summer season and sun shades can be added during daytime to control the temperature.

Other features include using retractable canopy along with a heated pedestrian path that can melt snow during the winter season. All these features can significantly improve the number of daylight hours and open up different opportunities for people. Even the buildings will be designed with lots of flexibility and the floor plans can be reconfigured according to the changing needs of people.


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